Constantine episode 4 recap: A Feast of Friends

Constantine episode 4 recap: A Feast of Friends

It seems that John Constantine has only two kinds of friends–ones who are in trouble, and ones who soon will be. As the latest episode opens, we meet one of the former, Gary Lester (Jonjo O’Neill), better known as Gaz to his mates. He’s trying to enter the United States, but his sweaty, suspicious behaviour (not to mention the track marks on his arm) catch the attention of a customs agent. During questioning, the unlucky agent makes the mistake of opening a strange jar that Gaz is trying to bring into the country. A swarm of insects flies out of the jar and right into the customs agent’s mouth. Gaz is most definitely in trouble–the kind of trouble his old pal John Constantine specializes in.

Some time later, Constantine (Matt Ryan) and his magical apprentice Zed (Angelica Celaya) arrive at Jasper Winters’ sanctum, where an intruder has triggered one of the sanctum’s supernatural defense systems. The intruder is Gaz, who finds himself trapped in a magical anti-gravity zone. Once freed, he explains that he has accidentally unleashed a hunger demon on an unsuspecting America. Like John, Gaz was present in Newcastle when the planned exorcism of the little girl Astra went south, and has been on a globe-trotting heroin bender ever since. While in Sudan, Gaz encountered a young boy covered in occult markings–symbols carved right into his flesh, indicating that his body has been used to contain some sort of demon. Still feeling remorse for his part in Astra being sent to Hell, Gaz makes it his mission to free the boy from the hunger demon inside him. The exorcism is a success, and Gaz traps the demon inside a jar…where it remained until the customs agent opened it. Now the demon is loose in Atlanta, where the hapless citizens it inhabits gorge themselves on any kind of food they can get, wearing the possessed bodies out before moving on to the next one. The Centre For Disease Control thinks a virus is on the loose when a demon-afflicted housewife runs amok in a shopping mall. Knowing better, John heads out to investigate, leaving a conscience-stricken Gaz with Zed. As always, Manny the angel (Harold Perrineau) waits in the wings to drop hints about a “rising darkness” that will require John’s attention sooner rather than later.



John tracks the demon to a meat-packing plant where he unsuccessfully attempts to once again trap the beast in a bottle. Back at the sanctum, Zed finds that her proximity to Gaz triggers her own heightened supernatural senses, causing her to be laid low by his heroin hangover.

Meanwhile, John goes on a trip of his own. Still on the demon’s trail, John checks in with an old pal named Nommo, (Charles Parnell) who sends John on an eye-swapping hallucinogenic journey into the past where he learns that the demon can only be contained by a human sacrifice. The boy in the Sudan was one such sacrifice, and now another one will be required. A guilt-wracked Gaz intentionally sidelines Zed with his withdrawal symptoms, and sets out to undo the demonic damage he’s caused. Before the demon can be contained, Zed will learn that John Constantine is willing to sacrifice whoever needs to be sacrificed to save the day, no matter how close to him they are, even at the cost of his own soul.

DC Comics Easter Egg Watch: The basic plotline of this episode is loosely based on the first couple of issues of the original 1988 Hellblazer comic series, where Gaz also tried to exorcise and contain a hunger demon (with similarly disastrous results).





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