Constantine episode 2 recap: The Darkness Beneath

Constantine episode 2 recap: The Darkness Beneath

The latest supernatural adventure of working-class demonologist John Constantine (Matt Ryan) takes him deep into Pennsylvania coal country–specifically the tiny town of Hedditch, whose economy has been jumpstarted by the recent re-opening of a dormant coal mine. A series of cave-ins has claimed the lives of many miners, but there may be something even more sinister at work. There are rumours of strange sounds in the earth, as if the miners had dug too deep and awakened something ancient and evil. When one of the mining company bosses meets a grisly end at the hottest of hot showers, Constantine makes his way to Hedditch to investigate (without the help of Chas–apparently the authorities in Pennsylvania would still like to question him concerning the fallout of an earlier, as-yet-untold caper).

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But Constantine won’t have to face whatever’s haunting Hedditch alone. Not long after his arrival, he’s confronted by a young woman named Zed (Angelica Celaya) who’s been seeing John’s face in her mind, finding herself both drawn to him and compelled to draw his image over and over again (she’s the mysterious, artistically-inclined lady we caught a glimpse of at the end of last week’s premiere episode). Her own sensitivity to the supernatural has brought her to Hedditch as well, where she is surprised to find that her artistic subject is in fact real, and that he may need her help getting to the bottom of the mystery.


As usual, John’s way with people ingratiates him with the people of Hedditch pretty quickly. If he’s not engaging in fisticuffs at the wake of the aforementioned mining boss, he’s rousting a couple of lusty teens from an abandoned church in order to perform a ceremony that may tell him who’s behind it all. It seems that there may also be a human hand guiding the spectral creatures that have targeted the mining bosses for termination. Is it the faithless Pastor (James LeGros) who lost a son to the mines? Is it the long-suffering widow (Leisha Hailey) of this episode’s first victim? Even though he makes every attempt to push her away, Constantine soon finds that Zed could be a powerful ally in this mission and others… assuming they both survive.


DC Comics Easter Egg Watch: No cameos from comic-based props or locations this week, but there are a few cool nods to the creative forces behind John Constantine’s adventures in the Hellblazer comic series. Zed’s studio is literally wallpapered with depictions of Constantine, and several of the images are based on the work of frequent Hellblazer cover artists Tim Bradstreet, Dave McKean, and Sean Phillips. Also, and this may be a stretch, but could Pastor Ellis possibly be named for longtime Hellblazer writer Warren Ellis? I’d like to think so.



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