Y&R star Michael Muhney fired after repeatedly groping co-star?

Jan 06 2014, 12:14 PM by Aaron Hagey-MacKay

Michael Muhney

Michael Muhney with his family. Photo by Getty

The alleged reason Michael Muhney was fired from The Young and the Restless last month has been revealed, and it has some fans conflicted.

Muhney played Adam Newman on the show since 2009 but was fired last month after allegedly inappropriately groping 20-year-old co-star Hunter King (Y&R - Summer Newman) on at least two occasions, according to TMZ who broke the story.

Muhney is married and the father of three young children.

The website’s sources also claim that Muhney has been harassing people on set for “a long time.”

In the comments section, some of Muhney’s defenders claim that Hunter King was “fixated” on him and that he was merely “rebuffing” her sexual advances, running to the show’s higher-ups with the groping story as revenge.


Muhney's sister fights back; allegations continue against Muhney

A comment supposedly quoting Muhney’s sister said, “all I have to say is that NOBODY should believe what you read or hear. Only Michael knows the truth. And there is NO truth to the rumors flying around. My brother is incredible and will go on to do something bigger and better and look back at Y&R as a learning experience. He has class and grace like no one else in the business.”

However, these aren’t the only rumours that follow him. Digging online, one can find claims that during Muhney’s time on the set of Veronica Mars — that is, before his time at Y&R — his behavior was also “less than appropriate”.

But these are just rumours. Neither Muhney nor King have made statements publicly about the sexual harassment allegations.

At the end of the day, he’s still fired.


Michael Muhney fans fight back

Muhney did an interview with Huffington Post back in December, after news of his firing was released, but the reasons behind it were vague. Muhney seemed apologetic and hinted at him being “too outspoken” and wearing a figurative, “backpack full of hubris”.

Some fans have blamed this whole thing on executive producer Jill Farren Phelps, whom they accuse of playing favourites with some actors, and looking for reasons to fire those who don’t “tow-the-line,” citing that three of the show’s heavy-hitters left in 2013. Along with Michael Muhney, there was also Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford.

Despite the bad publicity from the groping allegations, some fans are determined to see Michael Muhney back on the show, as opposed to recasting the character of Adam Newman. According to TMZ , fans on Facebook have even gathered enough money to aerially assault CBS studios with their words, hiring a plane to fly a banner that says, “NO ADAM NEWBIE, JUST MICHAEL MUHNEY.”

Do you think Michael Muhney should have been fired or should he come back? Did Michael Muhney do this to himself or is he the victim? Do you believe Hunter King is lying?



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