Jeanne Cooper Health Update

Apr 25 2013, 03:38 PM by Aaron Hagey-McKay


Jeanne Cooper Y&RJeanne Cooper -- pictured here with co-stars Samantha Bailey and Christian LeBlanc -- is reported to be in good spirits and slowly making a full recovery from the infection that recently hospitalized her. Photo by Getty.  

As you may know, it’s been almost two weeks since Jeanne Cooper - longtime fan-favorite and power-lady Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless - was hospitalized with an infection.

Her son, actor Corbin Bernsen of the series Psych, has been regularly updating her fans on his Facebook page. Thankfully, it looks like the 84-year-old soap legend is make a recovery, slowly but surely. Yesterday there was some talk of her being released today, but that seems to have changed this morning.

Here is the latest:


“...wanting to get back to LA to be with mom as she continues her recovery,” said Bernsen on Facebook after explaining that he’s currently in Florida.

“The good doctors want to keep her in the hospital a few more days for physical therapy - I mean the old broad's been flat out in a bed for almost two weeks with more tubes going in and out of her - delivering drugs, pain meds, etc than - okay - pick any celeb who's had recurring rehab stints and insert here____________!”


Throughout this whole ordeal the family has kept a positive attitude, making light where they can to keep spirits up.

An example of this lightheartedness came on Monday, when Bernesen released a rather comical photo to fans. CBS Los Angeles explains:


She gave a thumbs up in the photo and Bernsen said, “then, without hesitation, she flipped me the bird.” That, he joked, was how he knows his mother is on the mend and returning to her true irascible and loveable self. “It’s a great sign,” he wrote.


So of course, Jeanne Cooper's loving son posted the picture of his mother in a hospital bed with shades on giving the camera two middle fingers on his Facebook page.

Unfortunately, Facebook found the photo was not in accordance with their terms of use, and the photo was taken down shortly after it was posted. Here’s what Corbin Bernsen had to say about the photo being taken down on Monday:


“Unfortunately FB has taken down the photo that I posted today of my mom in hospital and her great recovery. I'm not sure how to challenge this with FB. It was her idea, with her approval to take a photo to post to say "hey, look, I'm getting better, and thanks for all your prayers and thoughts..."  


The racy photo can still be found on Twitter, so if you’re brave, just type 'Jeanne Cooper finger' and you will find it.

Hopefully, 20 years from now, this will all make an amusing anecdote when Jeanne Cooper tours the twentieth anniversary edition of her brand new book, Not Young, Still Restless