Adam Newman is an Accidental Killer after a Hit and Run

Oct 16 2013, 03:00 PM by Aaron Hagey-MacKay

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The lovely little daughter of Billy and Chloe is no more. The girl born on Valntines day in 2009, and survived leukemia, and that night, performed as the Wicked Witch of the West at her school play, died after being hit being a car.

Y&R - Delia is dead

It was supposed to be a happy evening, topping off a brilliant performance in a school play with some ice cream. Billy left Delia in the car as he would only be a couple minutes in the parlour, but Delia felt the need to take her new puppy, Dash, out for a little walk. Unfortunately the puppy ran across the road and she went after him.

Adam Newman, just stricken with the news that his child will go blind without a cornea transplant was driving down the highway when all of a sudden, a puppy darts out onto the road. He swerved to avoid the little guy, stopping, perhaps somewhat relieved the dog survived. Little did he know, he hit Delia who was standing beside the bushes on the side of the road. Adam drives off, unaware.

Billy comes out with ice cream in hand only to find an empty car with the door open. He finds Delia at the side of the road and he calls 911. The paramedics say they will be there in 5 minutes.

Within those 5 minutes, Billy holds her in his arms imagining what the rest of her life will be, hoping that she survives this. She’s 14, she’s 18, she’s 26, she’s getting married, she’s having a baby, all of this goes through his head, and all of it is for naught.

Billy Miller, who plays Billy Abbott on the show, delivers a great performance as a father at the edge of losing his daughter. This episode will for sure be Billy Miller's Emmy submission, so if you haven’t seen it, click here to see some stellar work.

Eventually, the paramedics arrive and take Delia to the hospital. Meanwhile, Chloe is having a great date with Kevin, watching Pretty in Pink at the movie theatre, so of course she’s ignoring her messages. She only finds out after Chelsea finds her at Dylan’s coffee shop.

After Chelsea got the call looking for Chloe, she tells Adam that some maniac hit Delia and left her to die after she ran to get her puppy on the road. Adam checks his car and notices a piece missing from his headlight.

Meanwhile, Det. Alex Chavez investigates the crime scene, and finds a small piece from a headlight. Kevin shows up to work at the police station and Chavez is surprised he’s not with Delia. He breaks the news to him, right after he concluded the perfect date. Kevin vows to find out who did it, but Chavez reigns him in, citing that this needs to be done by the book, or else no evidence will be admissible in trial.

Now Adam, who has been turning to the black market to find a donor for his son’s eyes, may have a donor in Delia, but will he be able to accept it knowing that he was responsible for her death?  

What do you think is going to happen?



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