UPDATED: Jeanne Cooper at 'End of life', Says Son

May 03 2013, 09:58 AM by Aaron Hagey-McKay

Jeanne Cooper Corbin BernsenJeanne Cooper with her son, Corbin Bernsen. Bernsen has been keeping Jeanne Cooper's fans updated on her health status in this trying time. Photo by Getty  

UPDATE (5/8/2013): The unfortunate news that Jeanne Cooper has lost her battle with illness and has passed away.

"While her light finally gave into the wind that gives flight to all our journeys, there will always be a glimmer left behind by what she stood for," Bernsen wrote about her passing.

More details to follow.


UPDATE (5/7/2013): We have a quick Jeanne Cooper health update from her son Corbin Bernsen, who is updating fans while shooting Psych in Vancouver, BC.

Corbin: “I had promised to stay silent for a bit but I feel it is necessary to make sure [you] all know that a RUMOR of my mom's passing earlier today that had been spread by someone on Twitter is false! I want to confirm: This is NOT TRUE... I will close in saying that I've had a remarkably peaceful weekend, once again made possible by a million comforting words of inspiration, prayer, and love from all of you. It was an extraordinarily beautiful weekend here in Vancouver and I walked quite a bit, listened to music, and reveled in the abundance of beauty in Nature - perhaps the easiest way to know the heart and face of God. “ - May 6th, 2013


UPDATE: Last night her son reflected on her condition and posted this:

Tested today. My faith, my strength, my very beliefs. End of life sucks... So I said my goodbyes tonight, had a good release of emotion and then left the room, more uncertain thanI have ever been about so many things. I wish I could be more positive for you tonight, but I reserve the right in this space to be plain, simple and honest. I know it's only in that realm that I will find the answers I'm looking for right now. I love you mom. I'm giving it up to you and God to find peace in this world or the next.


Jeanne Cooper, longtime star of the Young and the Restless, has returned to hospital, despite being released just a few days earlier. The 84-year old actress spent about two-weeks in hospital fighting off an undisclosed illness, rumoured to be some kind of infection.

Her son, actor Corbin Bernsen, has been regularly updating the public via his Facebook page, and things sound touch and go to say the least.

Yesterday he called for an “Abundance of prayers” when he announced she had been admitted again.

Later that night he would describe how close she was to death:

“Purgatory. Best way I can describe an indescribable day. Waiting... Highs and Lows. At one point mom "left the building" - yes, she was gone, only to come back through the front door, kicking and screaming. A Doctor remarked, "I've been in this situation a thousand times before and have NEVER seen this!”

But perhaps most telling of her condition is what he posted this morning:

“Woke up to beautiful sunshine this morning. Rays of hope. I'm leaving mom's journey truly in God's hands now. I slept well last night and at least for the moment, am at peace.”

We hope Jeanne Cooper is able to pull through and our thoughts go out to her family in this trying time.

We’ll keep you updated with latest.


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