Will Y&R kill-off Phyllis Newman?

Jul 29 2013, 03:29 PM by Aaron Hagey-McKay

What happened last week on Y&R?

With Michelle Stafford leaving The Young and the Restless, fans have been led to wonder about the fate of her iconic character, Phyllis. Will she be killed-off or recast?

Read on to catch up on the latest major Y&R plotlines, and let us know what you think will happen to Phyllis Newman!


Will Phyllis Newman die?

Phyllis is in hospital and unable to speak after falling down the stairs during an argument with Sharon at Nikki’s Multiple Sclerosis Gala. Sharon revealed that she switched the paternity tests, reinstated Nick as Summer’s daughter, not Jack, as we had briefly thought.

Now Phyllis struggles to get out the truth as Jack sits by her side with a marriage proposal and the silent spectre of Sharon watching through the hospital room door window.


The scoop on Michelle Stafford moving on:

With the actress who plays Phyllis, Michelle Stafford, leaving the show, it has lead fans to wonder about the fate of her iconic character. Will she be killed-off or recast?

Phyllis was recast in the past, with Sandra Nelson taking over the part in 1997 for a about a year, only to be recast again with Michelle Stafford in 2000.

The Examiner has mentioned an anonymous source claiming that “The Young and the Restless fans may have to wait months, perhaps even years, to find out the fate of the iconic Phyllis Newman.”

What do you think will happen Y&R fans? 


Meanwhile on Y&R, Lauren is kidnapped... Again!

Lauren Fenmore has an unfortunate habit of being kidnapped and last week’s episodes of The Young and the Restless put her through it yet again. For someone who has been taken has hostage and put in a cage, trapped in an abandoned zoo and also buried alive, you’d think she’d be used to it by now. This time it was her infatuated lover, Carmine Bascoe.

Michael and Lauren’s marriage is still trying to put itself back together after Lauren tried to distract herself from her problems in the arms on a generous and hunky bartender. Before Lauren decided to break it off and fix things with her husband, Carmine used to serve her champagne on the house. Now all he’s serving is pain in a cabin.

After several attempts to send Carmine a message to leave his family alone, he was driven to a breaking point after Michael’s son, Fen, overdosed in an alley and accused Carmine of selling to him (even though he just found him there).

Michael took a pistol and pointed it at Carmine in a stare-down. Lauren pleaded with Michael to put the gun away and he eventually did. Carmine goes to Paul and has Michael arrested for aggravated assault, which gets bumped to attempted murder thanks to a judge.

Billy finally fires Carmine as bartender, leaving him with nothing to do but get desperate and lure Lauren using Fen’s phone to a cabin in the woods.

Lauren gets tied up but tries to play on Carmine’s insane love for her. She eventually convinces him to loosen the restraints and then stabs him in the arm with a fork! He is able to overpower her and asks, “So you want to get rough, do you?”


...sounds like it's time for some good old-fashioned vigilante justice!

Meanwhile, Michael is locked-up, but luckily, his brother Kevin is now working as an extra-legal hacker for the police. He’s able to figure out where Basco is and create a diversion for the cops with a computer assisted lock-down that also releases Michael.

Michael bursts through the door just as Lauren was tied to the bed and just before Carmine was going to rape her. They fight. Carmine beats him to the ground. Thinking he’s out cold, he turns his attention to Lauren, but then Michael comes from behind and they fight again, and Michael beats him to the ground this time. Thinking he’s out cold, Michael turns his attention to Lauren.

Paul and his cops burst through the door. Michael asks them to arrest Carmine, and then slinks away undetected.

Paul being Chief of police, decides not to enforce the law for his friends.

But where is Carmine Bascoe?


Tracy E. Bregman quotable:

In an interview with TV Guide, Tracey E. Bregman asks, “Honey, what's with me and duct tape?” Bergman continues:

“Every Y&R writer finds a way to somehow bind me in duct tape. But this one I never saw coming. Obviously Carmine was obsessed with Lauren. But he started out such a sweet, gentle soul. She never imagined he'd become psychotic and physically dangerous. Neither did I!”



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