Michelle Stafford says 'Never say Never' about returning to Y&R

Aug 16 2013, 10:00 AM by Aarong Hagey-MacKay

This week, Phyllis makes her grand exit, Michelle Stafford comments on her departure from the series, we find out the identity of Neil's stalker on The Young and the Restless


Phyllis makes her Grand Exit

Michelle Stafford on Y&R

The citizens of Genoa City are dealing with the loss of Phyllis Newman. Oh she’s not dead, just severely disabled after getting into an argument, followed by a tussle with Sharon and a fall down the stairs. Phyllis knows now that Sharon actually tampered with the paternity tests, so Nick is in fact Summer’s father, not Jack as she had thought. But no one else will find out for a while, since she has great difficulty communicating with her brain injuries, so she’s been shipped off to a special institution where Phyllis shall remain until — presumably — Michelle Stafford returns.


But, does Michelle Stafford plan on returning to Genoa City?

Michelle Stafford has been playing the iconic Phyllis on a daytime network drama for 16 years, and her life has changed a lot in that time. Most notably, Stafford's had a child via surrogate, and her sister has been sick for about a year.

In Soap Opera Digest's August 5th edition, Stafford added “there were other things that I really wanted to do. And the way that the show runs right now, the climate of daytime, the producers, the company, isn’t so apt to be as accommodating with other projects.” The first of these projects is a web series titled The Stafford Project. I would describe the series as taking Michelle Stafford’s real life and give it a Curb Your Enthusiasm feel to it. The first episode, title "Technicalities" deals with convincing Michelle to do a web series as well as picking up her daughter at school.

You can watch the first episode of The Stafford Project here — but warning, it contains COARSE LANGUAGE!

In the end, Michelle Stafford leaving Y&R was not just a business decision, “there were a lot of personal reasons that I just think are not important to share with the world. Only my good friends should know,” said Stafford. But will she return to Y&R or go to another soap? “Never say never,” Michelle Stafford says.


And the identity of Neil's stalker is...

Kristel Khalil on Y&R

Neil Winter’s blogging mystery has been unveiled to the audience. Some months ago, someone broke into his office and stole his personal files. Soon after, the Genoa City based gossip site GC Buzz started publishing some of his personal thoughts online.

Now the posts have widened their scope to Neil’s family, and it’s threatening to tear apart his daughter’s marriage. Lily can’t help but wonder if her husband Cane has feelings for his new, smart and beautiful assistant, Hilary, who seems to know exactly what he needs before he needs it.

Meanwhile, Neil undergoes hypnotherapy and remembers with stunning clarity, a drunken episode with a woman named Rose in a hotel room. Neil left her alone, thinking she was just sleeping off the drink, but she died that night of a stroke. Now Rose’s offspring has vowed to take revenge. It just turns out that Neil’s stalker is Cane’s assistant, Hilary, and she plans on hurting Neil, by hurting Lily.

Speaking of hurting Lily...


Christel Khalil is suing her agency

Christel Khalil has filed a complaint against her agency, Mavrick Artists Agency. According to information on The Wrap, Khalil alleges the ageny intentionally did not pay her for her guest spot on 2 Broke Girls and took money above their 10% commision rate. Worst of all, they had sent her out for only two auditions during last pilot season, one of which were auditions for her own show, The Young and the Restless, creating a situation that “collectively embarrassed, if not mortified” her.


Next week on Y&R

  • • News of Katherine's death affects residents of Genoa City.
  • • Dylan and Chelsea bring Connor home.
  • • Michael gets a message from Carmine.
  • • Hilary's motives are questioned by Lily.



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