Episode 5: Bran-Done

Mar 14 2013, 10:00 AM by John Powell

By John Powell - GlobalTV.com

 Brandon Hantz - Survivor

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As far as the Hantz family tree goes, that definitely seems to be the case.

In a meltdown to end all ‘Survivor’ meltdowns, Brandon Hantz, the nephew of infamous ‘Survivor’ player Russell Hantz and the son of disqualified ‘Big Brother’ HouseGuest Willie Hantz, followed in the family tradition by allowing his anger and a reality show to get the best of him.

The powder keg that was Brandon seemed ready to blow for some time. Conflicted over leaving his family to play ‘Survivor’ a second time and outraged over Phillip Sheppard’s “dictatorship” at Bikal which put him next on the chopping block, Brandon sabotaged his own tribe by pouring their rice, beans into the sand.

”I am the author of my own fate,” Brandon yelled at a retreating Phillip when the dust had cleared and the damage was done. “Now, vote me off, b---h.”

And that they did. Unnerved and upset over the threats and violence, Bikal agreed to forfeit the Immunity Challenge so they could send Brandon off to anger management classes.

Before the challenge could even start, Brandon went on tirade addressing Gota.

”I’m your second chance. Phillip? Please don’t let this guy get to the end of the game,” he said.

”We realize this is going to be a challenge for Immunity which is why we are forfeiting this challenge so we may go to Tribal Council,” said Corinne responding on behalf of the Favourites.

Host-producer Jeff Probst managed to keep his cool during the heated debate asking Brandon to step away from Bikal and stand near him, a place he called a “neutral spot”.

”Phillip gave us all cartoon names, degrading us and making us feel like we are plastic dolls. I am not down with that,” Brandon continued. “You come here and tell me not to bite the hand that feeds you? I feed myself! You aren’t running this game. I took myself out of this game.”

”You seem a little hostile but we will stand here and talk through it,” said Probst attempting to calm Brandon down as best that he could.

”You are one pathetic individual,” barked Phillip responding to more insults from Brandon. “I never had any bad feelings towards Brandon. Where this is coming from, I have no idea. Your whole idea of me being in charge and in control is a figment of your imagination.”

Phillip went on to say that Brandon has no respect for his elders, not for his uncle and probably not for his aunt who is helping look after his children while he is on ‘Survivor’.

Brandon snapped.

”You bring my kids into this and I will come over there and knock your head off,” snarled Brandon as Probst restrained him.

Once Brandon was sent off to calm down, Gota was given Immunity and Bikal unanimously voted Brandon out without even going to Tribal Council.

Gota Tribe – Night 10

Everyone is hopeful the vote signified a turning point for the tribe. For Sherri, it was a hard decision to vote Laura out. She was like a daughter to her. Now that the Hidden Immunity Idol is out of the picture, Reynold wants the tribe to move forward together.

Bikal Tribe – Night 10

Brandon seems despondent. He misses his wife and his kids. It may have been a selfish thing to leave them behind just to have another crack at ‘Survivor’. Brandon gathers everyone together.

”I’m volunteering,” he said. “Vote me out of the game.”

Malcolm tells us Brandon maybe should have thought about things before coming out to play again.

Brandon admits to the group he has thought about urinating in the rice and burning the camp down.

Corinne: “I want Brandon gone. He is loco. It is just a matter of time before he explodes.”

Bikal Tribe – Day 11

Brandon wakes up with…a change of heart. He takes back what he said last night. He wants to stay in the game for his family. He wants to do it for them.

 Erik Reichenbach - Survivor

Reward Challenge

 Survivor: Caramoan - episode 5 challenge

Two Survivors from either team must hold up nets as players from the opposing team tosses coconuts into them. First tribe to drop both nets loses.


Barbecue fixings including meat, vegetables and wine.


Andrea, Dawn and Erik sit out.

Winners: Bikal (Favourites) Tribe.

Gota Tribe – Day 11

The tribe cannot believe they lost yet again. Sherri wonders what happened? Everyone said if they turned on Laura, Gota would be stronger and win challenges.

Everyone starts searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Reynold locates it for a second time. He shares the info with Eddie and nobody else.

Bikal Tribe – Day 11

Andrea thought the win and barbecue would make Brandon happy but he isn’t. He is as morose as ever.

Brandon is sick of the way Agent Sheppard is running things and that he seems to be taking credit for winning the challenge. Brandon demands Agent Sheppard allow others to speak their mind. Agent Sheppard says he does. He has no idea what Brandon is talking about.

Malcolm believes Agent Sheppard caught Brandon on one of his “downward spirals” and that’s why he is being targeted.

As they chat away from camp, Agent Sheppard tells Brandon that out here, he is not in control of his own destiny. He shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds him. Brandon doesn’t agree with how Agent Sheppard is treating people.

Brandon and Agent Sheppard go at it again. Brandon: I am a Hantz. I feed me.

Agent Sheppard: Brandon is not sane.

Agent Sheppard meets with Andrea. He wants Brandon gone, even if it means throwing the Immunity Challenge to get rid of him.

Brandon questions Andrea. Andrea reveals Agent Sheppard’s plan.

Brandon goes boom.

Brandon yells at Agent Sheppard: Nobody likes your childish, demeaning bullcrap. Nobody likes you.

Brandon dumps the rice and beans into the sand. Erik tries to stop him. Brandon then knocks over some chairs as Agent Sheppard leaves camp.

Brandon: “I am the author of my own fate. Now, vote me off, bitch.”

Immunity Challenge

 Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 5, immunity


Immunity from the Tribal Council vote.


Bikal forfeits the challenge.

Winners: Gota Tribe.

Bikal Tribe – ImpromptuTribal Council

 Survivor: Caramoan - Reynold

The aforementioned confrontation between Brandon and Bikal ignites.

Final Voting

Andrea: Brandon.

Brandon: Agent Sheppard.

Brenda: Brandon.

Corinne: Brandon.

Dawn: Brandon.

Erik: Brandon.

Cochran: Brandon.

Phillip: Brandon.

Tribal Council Victim: Brandon Hantz.

On the next 'Survivor'

Phillip and Corinne attempt to get each other voted out. Probst makes some sort of announcement that will change the game.

Powell's Thoughts 

 Survivor: Caramoan - Fans tribe

Big props to Jeff Probst for handling the situation with a cool head and not letting things get out of control. Fantastic job as a host and producer.

Although I agree with Brandon and his remarks how about Phillip is treating Bikal, I have no idea why he punished everyone else and took himself out of the game. He could have offered a persuasive argument to the others as Malcolm, Brenda and Erik all agree Phillip’s alliance is moronic and voted him out. That revenge, beating Philip at his own game, would have been far sweeter than what had eventually happened.

It is doubtful a merge happens next week, despite what the promos show. Best guess is another player is injured or the tribes have to live at the same camp.

This is not the first time Probst has held a spontaneous Tribal Council. On ‘Survivor: Palau’, a guilt-ridden Ian Rosenberger asked to be voted out immediately following the final three Immunity Challenge. Since it was so late in the day, Probst held the Tribal Council on the spot and Ian was voted out by Tom Westman, the eventual winner.


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