Y&R Recap: The Aftermath of the Genoa City’s Valentine's Day Snow Storm

Feb 26 2013, 02:01 PM by Aaron Hagey-McKay

The Young & the Restless recap
What happens after a St. Valentine’s day snow storm of 2013 in Genoa City? Well, Cane and Lily feel the friction of the green eyed monster, Chelsea is keeping Adam in the dark about her baby, we learn more about Leslie and Tyler’s horrible past, and Sharon is keeping Dylan in town - meaning Avery continues to be tempted. But first, we note all the car trouble that happened on The Young and the Restless last week.


So Much Car trouble!

Let last week’s Y&R be a lesson about winter driving: When it’s a ridiculous blizzard, just don’t risk it. Too much drama!

1) Katherine’s car gets stuck in a snow bank. Adrianna helps her home, only to get snatched by her now non-cop brother, Alex. There goes that huge $500,000 payout!

2) After working long hours, Lily is talked into giving Tyler a ride home. Caught in the storm, the car swerves off the road. Lily and Tyler are left alone with only each other to keep warm. Later, Cane finds them. Cane is relieved to find Lily, but upset she had all that time alone with Ty.

3) Finally - after what Avery thinks is a final kiss goodbye for a past paramour on Valentines - Dylan is run off the road after almost running into Sharon. Sharon brings Dylan to the hospital, where Dylan calls out for Avery, and someone named Sullivan. We see flashbacks to Dylan’s days in Afghanistan where Sullivan's body lies next to him, both bloodied. It's safe to say that Dylan now has a head injury, and PTSD.


Cane and Lily both feel jealous

Ty and Lily are helpless while their frigid car is stuck in the snow, but luckily, Cane has come to their rescue. Cane’s faith in Lily is a little shaken - who knows what Ty and Lily would have done to keep warm - and Cane asks Lily if she has ever cheated. "Technically no", Lily says, and the pair enjoy a soft focus smooch fest for Valentines.

Later, it’s back to work and Cane is really pushing for Chelsea to become Jabot’s new fashion designer. Lily confronts Cane about her concerns about Chelsea, and Cane responds by throwing Tyler’s behavior back at Lily. “"The difference [Lily] is my concerns about Tyler are based in reality and yours aren't."

The couple agree to talk about it later. Tyler and Lily work nicely together. So do Cane and Chelsea.


Chelsea is pregnant, but employed

Chelsea has found out that she’s pregnant with Adam’s baby, but her soon-to-be-ex-husband doesn’t know. Chelsea risks driving in the snow storm - even though her last baby with Adam was miscarried after a car accident (there it is again!) - and arrives at Adam’s to break the news. But Chelsea stops herself when Sharon appears getting comfy with Adam in Chelsea’s shirt. No chance getting back with Adam! Chelsea throws her wedding ring at Adam and leaves.

Following the incident, Adam drives over to Chelsea's find out what she isn't telling him. Chloe arrives wondering what was so important that she was being dragged away from her kinky cat-suit-and-handcuffs Valentine’s night with Kevin. Chelsea kicks Adam out, and Chloe immediately figures out the pregnancy.

Later, Chelsea and Chloe, and their “consultant” Gloria, make a sucessfull pitch to Jabot with Jack in the room.


More is revealed about Leslie and Tyler’s past

Congressman Wheeler keeps bumping into Leslie, and he keeps calling her “Valerie”. It turns out that the woman whom Wheeler employed 12-years ago was Leslie and Tyler’s mother. We learn that the man in prison, who Avery is fighting for release from the Innocence Foundation, is Leslie and Tyler’s father. In order to keep their violent father in jail, they’ll have to take the stand and reveal their assumed identities. Wheeler keeps trying to convince them to come clean and testify.

But we don’t know the whole story yet. If Avery does some digging, she’ll find something that will cause Leslie to lose her law license.

This dilemma is putting a strain on Leslie and Neil’s relationship. Neil wants to know who Valerie is. Leslie responds by yelling at him and rushing out of the restaurant.


Sharon keeps Dylan in Genoa City

Sharon feels pretty bad that she almost killed Dylan in a head on collision, but at least he was able to check out of the hospital a few hours later with a minor concussion. Sharon’s house was damaged by a tree falling in the storm and needs someone to fix it. Too bad all the contractors are either busy repairing the city, or building Victor’s new dream ranch (which sounds like a great salad dressing). Dylan says he can fix up her house, and while he’s at it, her kitchen too.

This means Dylan will still be hanging out in Genoa City, and that means Avery is more likely to sleep with him. Both Nick and Phyllis sense Avery’s weakness. After Phyllis finally meets Dylan again for the first time in years, she runs to Avery’s and chastises her for always being judgmental. "Let's see which one of us cheats first. My money's on you!" Phyllis says.

Nick chastises Sharon for being back with Adam and for hiring Dylan. Sharon says it’s none of his business.

Meanwhile, with all these repairs happening to Sharon’s house, Adam offers Sharon a place to stay, an. Sharon and Adam shack up together, and - Yup!- they kiss.




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