Genoa City Update: has Sharon lost her Marbles?

Sep 10 2012, 11:59 AM by Aaron Hagey-MacKay

The Young and the Restless took a hiatus on Labour Day when no new episode aired, but the writing staff made sure to include a story about organized labour, which unfolded throughout the remainder of the week. Of course, it wouldn't be Y&R if the struggles of the proletariat weren't balanced by the stories of the corporate giants - and this week Sharon, acting as CEO of Newman Enterprises in her husband's absence, has reduced Nick and Vikki to aim low and question her mental health. Sharon's Labour Day long weekend was literally crazy.

Sharon Case portrays Sharon Newman on Y&R 

Newman VS. Newman 

The board (including a reluctant Tucker) finds a judge to hear Nick and Victoria’s case that Sharon is mentally unfit to lead Newman Enterprises. It appears that Sharon’s kleptomania has returned - Vikki find Summer’s concert tickets in Sharon’s secret stash, among other items that didn’t belong to her. The judge orders Sharon to undergo a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation at Fairview or step down as CEO. Sharon chooses to undergo the evaluation, but not until her and Tucker have I’m-going-to-a-mental-institution sex.

With Sharon out of the picture for a few days, Victoria is running the show. Victoria immediately rehires Nick. The stock price stabilizes, and Nick and Vikki got the board to grant themselves immunity from termination unless directed by the board itself.

Sharon Institutionalized... Again. 

Sharon has bad memories of Fairview: after all, it’s where she gave birth to Faith. This time Sharon’s playing it cool with doctors, stating that - though it may sound paranoid - her presence at Fairview is just a power grab from her corporate rivals, and she never stole anything (which she certainly did).

Speaking of crazy ladies, guess who Sharon immediately came across after she checked into Fairview?


Daisy has been hiding from Ricky the whole time. Sharon tells Daisy that everyone thinks she’s dead and that Paul killed Ricky. Now Daisy has to convince the doctors that she’s actually Daisy, and not this crazy “Scarlet” that she said she was. Good luck sister - finally, there's someone alive who can clear Paul’s name!

Yvonne Zima portrays Daisy on Y&R 

Ricky Torments Paul from Beyond the Grave 

Until Daisy can clear Paul's name, Paul will just have to try to redeem himself on his own. Exposing Ricky will clear Paul's name after having no evidence to support a self defense argument for killing his son. There's a video somewhere out there of Ricky killing his girlfriend, Rachel, and Paul needs to find it.

Paul is shocked to learn that Heather threw out all of her late brother’s personal effects, with the exception of a snow globe from Niagara Falls (where Ricky took Rachel). After looking at it closely, Paul notices something inside. He breaks open the snow globe and pulls out a flash drive. Paul and Heather call Michael, because apparently, as district attorney, it’s proper for Michael to initially view any new evidence. Paul and Heather play the only file on the drive - It’s a video of Ricky looking into the camera saying that if anything should happen to him, the first person to suspect is his father, Paul Williams. Great! More evidence against Paul that Michael can’t ignore.

Ronan and Phyllis fake an Affair  

Michael has more suspicions he can’t ignore about other friends too.

Phyllis has been acting strange after her ex-Therapist/blackmailer Tim Reid died and his body was moved. Previously, Phyllis moved the body after Tim took a fist full of “male enhancement” pills that exploded his heart before what would have been a night of blackmailed passion. Ronan decided to help Phyllis after he learned that she was not at fault. But now Michael wants to get to the bottom of it all. In order to supply an alibi for the night of Tim’s death, Ronan blurts out that Phyllis was with him that night... sexually. Phyllis is forced to tell Nick that he has to play the cuckold. After Michael calls BS on Ronan, Nick acts like the jealous husband and lands a haymaker on Ronan’s face. The performance convinces Michael, for now.

Victor the Blue Collar Hero 

Victor has become a champion of the little guy ever since he forgot he was a billionaire.

Genevieve tracks Victor down to a seedy bar in the LA ports and discovers he has amnesia. Now going by the name ‘Christian’ and befriending a Nun, sister Celeste, Victor has started working the docks at an apparently non-unionized operation. After Genevive poses as a nurse and starts feeding Victor his much needed heart medication, another dock worker breaks Victory's arm on the job. This incenses “Christian” who demands a strike, but none of the other workers want to lose their job. Personally, I’m hoping it’s revealed that Newman Enterprises actually owns the shipping company Victor's trying to fight.

Meanwhile, Tucker is looking to Genevieve to keep an eye on Victor and make sure he doesn’t come back, so Tucker can try to take over Newman Enterprises. Billy has putGenevieve on the payroll, and so far, Victor’s whereabouts are a secret. Victor is hanging around the port bar all the time, and Genevieve cleverly exposes one of the bartenders as a fugitive in a plan to snatch a bartending job and stay close to Victor, so she can feed Billy and Tucker their information. The question is, will Billy share this information with his wife, Victoria?



New Noah 

Robert Adamson will portray Noah on Y&R 

Kevin G. Schmidt has been replaced as Noah by a newcomer from Hollywood Heights, according to Soap Opera Digest.

Robert Adamson will be taking up the role, a decision made since the show’s new Executive Producer, Jill Farren Phelps, and Head Writer, Josh Griffith, have taken over. Interestingly enough, Phelps and Griffith both worked on Hollywood Heights with Adamson before making the move over to Y&R.

Y&R Star Praises New Showrunners 

Michael Muhney portrays Adam on Y&R 

Michael Muhney (Y&R's Adam) took to Twitter (@michaelmuhney) to praise the show’s new direction under Executive Producer, Jill Farren Phelps, and Head Writer, Josh Griffith. If Y&R is building the momentum Muhney says it is, fans should be in for a real treat next month. The following is a statement compiled from Michael Muhney’s tweets and ordered chronologically regarding Muhney's views on the show:

Does anyone care to know my critical thoughts after reading the first script of the new order at Y&R airing Oct 12th? Keep in mind, I've only just read the first script with new writing... 

There is a cohesiveness in the overall story telling. Things seem less disjointed. You can feel momentum build from page 1 to 60. I feel like there will be a lot more attention to characters' voices, and somehow things feel more intense without any cheap tricks. 

It seems as though the show is on track. It feels like a strong ensemble. I feel like it is classic old show mixed with classy new energy. I feel like this show, as a whole, and with great respect to its history, could be entering one of its best eras. And while no writing team can be perfect all the time, based on this script & the ideas for the future, this show will be a beacon for CBS. 

And if I wasn't happy about the writing or show's future, I just wouldn't say anything at all. But I'm honestly impressed. I get PAID to ACT. I don't get paid to tweet, praise the writing or interact w/fans. My silence should speak volumes. My words are honesty.  



- Nick and Ronan have another run in
- Victor gets more help from Genevieve
- Sharon really wants to get out of Fairview.
- Kevin thinks Billy should tell Victoria about finding Victor
- Victor is in a life and death situation and only one person can save him
- Nikki will be torn



By: Aaron Hagey-MacKay




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