Genoa City Update: Burn, Baby, Burn! Victor Inferno!

Oct 22 2012, 04:00 PM by Aaron Hagey-MacKay

On last week’s Y&R, Jack takes over Newman Enterprises, we find out who has been impersonating Cane’s dead sister, Victor lands in the hospital, and Sharon drunkenly burns Victor’s house to the ground. But first, let’s talk about that bratty teen, Summer:

Summer of Embarrassment

Summer was released from hospital and wanted to apologize for totaling Adam and Chelsea’s car. Summer’s father, Nick, hadn’t told her that Chelsea miscarried after the accident. Naturally, Chelsea and Adam are insulted when Summer talks about her insurance makes it like “nothing ever happened.”

Summer feels guilty and blames it all on her mother, Phyllis, for driving her to drive herself into oncoming traffic. Later, Summer tells Noah that she plans on filing for emancipation from her parents.

Much later, Phyllis decides she needs to talk to Summer. Phyllis and Summer get into a fight, and Nick calms down his teenage daughter. Summer makes no promises about thinking before doing anything rash.


Letters from my fake dead Sister

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Cane discovers who has been impersonating his dead sister, but so far we don’t have a name. After a waiter hands him a paper with an Australian nursery rhyme scrawled on it, Cane pulls the fire alarm and convinces the waiter to point out the person who gave him the envelope. Gotcha! The mystery woman says Genevieve put her up to it. Genevieve denies that she would toy with her son like that. Lily and Cane don’t believe Genevieve -- toying with people is so believably within her character.

Later, Genevieve confronts the woman and offers $100,000 for information on who is really behind this charade. The woman flinches a little when Genevieve mentions the name “Colin Atkinson”, but denies that she knows anyone by that name. For Genevieve, that’s all the proof she needs. She tells Cane and Lily that Colin is behind it all, but Cane doesn’t want to hear it. Especially not after Jack just turned him down to run Jabot as CEO. Cane believes it’s his mother’s past with Jack continuing to ruin his future


Jack takes over Newman Enterprises

Watch the latest full episodes of Young & the Restless available online now 

After Adam and Tucker chipped in their stake in the company, Jack was able to pilfer enough shares for a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprises. Jack’s first order of business? Fire Victor, Nick and Victoria. Jack then hires his brother, Billy, and Billy makes a pact with his wife, Victoria, to spy on Newman Enterprises for her.

The shock of losing his empire seems too much to bear and Victor collapses in his (now Jack’s) office.

In the hospital, Dr. Martins tells Nick, Vikki, Nikki and Abby that the collapse was due to several recent and untreated concussions (i.e. falling off a horse, being exploded).

Katherine pleads with Victor to not hurt himself further by fighting Jack to get his company back. Eventually Victor calls Nick, Victoria and Abby over and tells them that he’s made the decision not to fight Jack for Newman Enterprises, and it will be up to them, his favorite children, to get it back. If they pass this test, it will be their multinational corporation to run.


Phyllis vs Avery for Nick’s Love

Avery wakes up Ronan and Phyllis. She wants to knows why Phyllis insists on giving Nick ammunition for divorce by sleeping with an FBI agent. Phyllis is surprised. Phyllis tells Avery that she has decided to win back Nick’s love. Much later, Avery and Nick play a flirtatious game of chess. Phyllis sees them connecting. Good thing Phyllis didn’t see that kiss Nick planted on Avery the week before!


Sharon Burns Down Newman Ranch

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Sharon gets insanely drunk on tequila and stumbles into the Newman ranch looking for Victor. No one is around, so she starts to hallucinate that Victor and Nikki are there, and they’re lambasting her with insults. To make it stop, Sharon sets the curtains on fire and calls Adam. Adam comes to the rescue, telling Chelsea that he has to troubleshoot with a client meeting that Kevin bungled.

Adam brings Sharon to her place. After mumbling that she was alone and that Victor and Nikki were making fun of her, Sharon passes out on the couch. Adam decides he’s going to protect Sharon, and leaves a note for when she wakes up instructing her to stay there. “I’ll fix everything,” he writes.

Victor learns about the fire after Nikki appears to be hiding something. Victor checked the news on her phone after she fell asleep by his hospital bed. When Nikki awoke, Victor was gone. He just walked out of the hospital.

Nikki finds him rummaging through the charred remains of their family home. Victor comforts her by saying the “memories will live in our hearts forever”. We are taken on a trip down memory lane though the magic of flashbacks and soft focus.

Adam lies to Chelsea about his whereabouts, explaining that his car caught fire and he didn’t want to worry her. Will Chelsea find out that Adam’s protecting his ex-wife, Sharon?




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