Camila Banus on Days of our Lives

Jun 28 2012, 03:14 PM by Aaron Hagey-MacKay

By Aaron Hagey-MacKay

Camila Banus plays Gabriella Hernandez on Days Of Our Lives  - a character who has undergone some serious personality changes recently. Life can be stressful for young soap stars, but Camila Banus has been working the circuit since she got her first taste of daytime TV in 2008, playing Lola on One Life to Live. We caught up with Camila Banus to talk about her life & career, why girls like bad boys, and how her time on Days Of Our Lives has made her become a more responsible person.

Camila Banus plays Gariella Hernandez on 'Days of our Lives' 

You've been on DAYS coming up on two years now. How are you enjoying it? 

I love it. I love working here and I love the group of actors I work with - they’re all amazing, I learn something new everyday.


Gabi started as a good girl, but now she's bad - trying to break up Melanie and Chad. What's the best part about playing the bad girl?  

We get to do a lot in a short amount of time, especially for Gabi. Oh man - she’s left stalker notes for herself, there’s been rats in her salad, she’s now hiring a stalker, she’s had to play the good girl, the bad girl. There’s so many things involved with being bad. You know, playing that innocent card, having people really care about you, having people not care about you, people being suspicious. It’s really fun to play.


Chad himself is starting to identify as a DiMera. I’ve always wanted to know this: why do girls like bad boys?  

That is the million-dollar question. I have no idea. I have absolutely no idea, because I personally don’t go for bad boys at all. But Gabi, I would say in this case, I don’t think it’s because [Chad] is a bad boy. I think it’s because he’s the only guy she really knows, and the only guy she sees who’s been steady with women. She’s seen him have relationships that have failed but have been wonderful. Maybe she thinks she can be one of those girls who has a fantastic relationship with him.


How do you feel about Molly Burnett leaving?  

Oh, it’s really sad. I really, I mean, honestly, Molly is such a nice person, inside and out. She’s beautiful. Just working with her is so much fun and it’s going to be very different without her here. She’s really fun to have around, and everyone has such a great time when we’re all together, that not having her here is going to be really weird.

Camila Banus plays Gariella Hernandez on 'Days of our Lives' 

I’m going to ask some quick personality questions. Are you up for it?  
What food makes a better first date, French, Italian or Mexican?  
Oh, not Mexican… French!
What is your dream car?
Oh my God, I want a Jeep Wrangler so bad!
Who was your childhood hero?
Jim Carrey.
What was the last book you read?  
I'm still reading, well, I’m in the middle of one, I’ll just say it. It’s Paulo Coelho, the book is called Aleph, and he’s the author of The Optimist.
How do you relax when you're stressed?  
I dance! Whenever I’m stressed I like to go out dancing and it makes it all better.
When you go dancing, is there a particular song you will never get tired of hearing?  
I really like to go Salsa dancing, but I will never get tired of… anything Pitbull. I love Pitbull! He always comes out with great dance music.
What country have you always wanted to visit?  
Spain! And I’m hopefully going this year!


How has working on Days changed you as a person? 

I think it has definitely made me a more responsible person. Having to come into work and really be on point and know what I’m doing I’m being held responsible and there’s a lot of pressure working on the show - and working with these amazing actors that have been working for so long, and that are just amazing. It puts a lot of pressure on me, and it’s made me, I feel, a better actress and a more responsible person.


Can you give us any spoilers?  

Gabi’s actions are going to indirectly affect a lot of people’s lives.



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