The 12 Best Soap Moments of 2012

Dec 21 2012, 03:47 PM by Aaron Hagey-MacKay

From the most exciting plots to the hardest goodbyes, we take a closer look at our fondest memories from Days of our Lives and Young and the Restless of 2012


Best surprise: Eric Brady is a priest.  

Eric Brady returns to Days of our Lives 

Days has chosen to bring back Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn), as a photographer turned priest. With his twin sister, Sami, not knowing how to take the news, and a troubled ex-love in Nicole, we’re seeing Eric struggle with his past in the Congo and his mixed up crazy emotions. Eric's priesthood has added an interesting religious element to the show.


Worst surprise: Victor Newman didn’t actually die again.  

Victor Newman, Y&R 

After falling off a horse, Victor Newman lost his memory and started wandering around the portlands of Los Angeles, getting work as a 70-something dockhand. After an explosion at the docks following worker action, everyone thought Victor was dead, and so they had a funeral, and then it was reveal that he wasn’t dead and now has his memory. Surprise!


The Y&R slasher fest  

Maria Arena BellGetty

Following the dramatic dismissal of Y&R Executive of Maria Arena Bell, CBS brought in former Hollywood Heights Executive Producer, Jill Farren Phelps to tighten the Y&R ship. Phelps did just that, earning her the nickname “Jill Firing Phelps” along the way. Along with her head writer Josh Griffith, the two of them got out the axe. It’s not just actors like Genie Francis and Stephen Nichols on the out, but also long time writers, musical directors, and according to Hollywood Highlight, Phelps just fired Y&R's award winning costume designer, Jennifer Johns. Are all of these cuts worth it? Tell us what you think!


Eileen Davidson is just totally amazing 

Eileen Davidson 

After leaving her role as Ashley Abbott on Y&R, Eileen Davidson - who is both a stellar talent and beauty - has breathed new life into Days of Our Lives, reprising her role as the villainess Kristen DiMera. So far she’s played John and Marlena, and has had plenty of steamy sex scenes with Brady. I even love (re: LOVE LOVE LOVE) the way she calls her brother, EJ, “Eej”, diminutively dropping the “Ay” from “Ee-Jay”. She’s really rocking it! Bad girls have all the fun.


Y&R’s Best Cry: Doug Davidson  

Paul Williams 

When Paul Williams (Doug Davidson Y&R) had to shoot his own son, Ricky, because Ricky was holding Eden hostage, fans were treated to a masterful outpouring of emotion from a conflicted, guilt ridden father and protector. Even though what followed was essentially a storyline that went nowhere with the question of Paul’s legal fate in the balance over a missing massive knife being dropped by the new showrunners, Doug Davidson’s performance was moving.


Days of our Lives Best Cry: Renee Jones  

Renne Jones 

This year, Renee Jones left the soap world because, for her, it was just time to move on. Her character Lexie Carver’s last monologue, a taped message to her surviving husband Abe and their son Theo, was just beautiful. In this post we say goodbye to Renee one last time.


Most superfluous character in all soaps: Billie on (DAYS)  

Lisa RinnaGetty

Honestly, what is Lisa Rinna doing on set? No one knows what to do with her, and I truly believe that she was thinking that herself. It’s like she was hired and the writers said, “okay, now what? We don’t have her daughter on cast to make things interesting.” The only interesting thing Billie really did this year was lend a helpful ear to some other characters, and then witness Nicole Walker fall down the stairs. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the character or the actress, it’s just, do something!  


Worst call back: the Pawn and Princess Gina  

Princess Gina 

Hey, whatever happened to that storyline where a recently reveal document showed that John and Hope were actually married? And then they had to go to Alemania to get divorce, but while in Alemania Stefano DiMera made them think they were their old alter egos Princess Gina and The Pawn in order to find and return an unexplained half of a secret coin? But they weren’t really under his spell? The story got dropped because it was much more interesting just to shoot Stefano and try to figure out whodunnit. Remember that? Well, we never did figure out what happened with that coin. What do you think?


Best use of explosions: Days of our Lives  

Ian, Days of our Lives 

Preempting the Olympic break with a cliffhanger jam packed with explosions was just what this soap needed. It was exciting for the audience and they did a lot with very little. In the aftermath, we said goodbye to Ian and Madison, that weird stalker with two names who kidnapped Melanie, and of course, Jack. High stakes drama!


Y&R vs DAYS: Who had it worse this year, Sharon or Nicole?  

great soap storylines 

Y&R, Sharon: the tortured soul of Sharon has been on display ever since Victor married her on a plane in Vegas, forced a prenuptial agreement at the last minute, and then took off on a horse and went missing for weeks. Just the fact that she’s sleeping with the grandfather of her children is bad enough, but then she had to hop in bed with Tucker, burn him (figuratively), and then literally burn down Victor’s ranch in a fit of tequila fueled mental illness. She’s now roped Adam into helping her through his pity, but helped to ruin his marriage to Chelsea. At least maybe now she can get some psychiatric help.

DAYS, Nicole: Nicole is a survivor, but man does she endure a lot! All Nicole wants is a little bundle of joy, and that just isn't happening. After getting knocked up by EJ, she had to hide the pregnancy (with the help of Rafe and Dr. Daniel Jonas), but EJ’s threats to take away her baby were moot since the fetus died in utero. So, of course Nicole gets into a fight with Jennifer and makes it look like her being pushed was responsible for the miscarriage. Good thing Daniel convinced Nicole to drop the charges in exchange for them going away together, but that fell through when he figured out that she lied about the miscarriage. Now she’s alone and all she has is an ex-boyfriend who is now a priest! Thanks a lot Eric Brady! Perhaps in 2013 Nicole will explore spiritual redemption.


Y&R vs DAYS: Which show tackled BULLYING better?  

Soap operas tackle bullying 

Y&R: Y&R's writers have chosen to tackle the hot-button issue of cyber bullying, focusing on the new character Jamie (Daniel Polo), a high school kid down on his luck with a drunk for a father. Jamie befriends Ronan, who tries to keep him out of trouble, but Jamie keeps getting these anonymous messages after his sob story was spread all over the internet. Summer was originally the perpetrator, with Fen trying to stop her, but then for some reason the roles were completely reversed. Now Fen sees Jamie as trying to steal his life and “girlfriend” and Summer has feelings for Jamie.

DAYS: Gay bashing, or bullying because of one’s sexual orientation, was an issue brought to the fore when Will came out on the Days. Will's former friend Tad ( or T, for short), got all grossed out by Will and started handing out beatings to Sonny for turning Will gay. After a while, T came around to the idea that sexual orientation isn’t a choice, and there is now some semblance of a friendship between them all. Now, Will and Sonny are a couple just like any other in Salem.


Y&R vs DAYS: Which Victor has the best moustache?  

Best moustaches 

Y&R, Victor Newman: Once a symbol of power and sex, the Newman 'stache has faded to a light upper lip stubble. Perhaps fashionable, but is it the better moustache? Tell us what you think!

DAYS, Victor Kiriakis: Not so often seen as Victor Newman, and, let’s be honest, not as handsome either. At least this Victor’s moustache is still proud! What do you think?



By: Aaron Hagey-MacKay


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