Days of our Lives Couples: The good, the bad, and the Should Be

Aug 08 2012, 05:00 PM by Aaron Hagey-MacKay

When it comes to couples on Days of our Lives, I have three kinds of favourites: good couples, bad couples and couples that should be. Let's take a closer look at some of Days of our Lives most captivating couples of all time.

The Good Couples  

Hope Williams Brady and Bo Brady  

Peter Reckell (L) and Kristian Alfonso (R) play Bo and Hope Brady on Days of our Lives 

High profile couples often get cute names: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are” Brangelina”, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are now, “Giselady” or how Bo and Hope Brady are known together as “Bope”. But now that Peter Reckell is leaving I don’t know how fans will react to the end of Bope. I’m expecting in their sorrow, someone will modify Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama poster with a picture of the pair word “BOPE” underneath.

Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall
John Black and Dr. Marlena Evans have been through a lot together and their triumphant return last year was much appreciated. Their relationship started when John Black was simply known as The Pawn, and Marlena helped him try to regain his memory. Through many lapses of mind control and multiple personalities, Marlena stuck with John. It feels like yesterday when Stefano DiMera had John’s memory put into a compact disc, and John and Marlena had to decide whether to destroy the disc or keep it. I forgot what he chose because that part of my memory is only on a floppy disc.

Kayla Brady and Steve "Patch" Johnson 

Stephen Nichols (L) and Mary Beth Evans (R)play Kayla and Steve on Days of our Lives 

Kayla Brady and Steve "Patch" Johnson are more than just a nice girl and a nice guy (a nice guy who got stabbed in the eye by Bo Brady and became a dead ringer for “Snake” from Escape from New York). Kayla and Steve were a couple with chemistry, with Kayla bringing out a softness from Steve’s tough exterior. Their wedding in July 1988 put Days of Our Lives #1 in the ratings (Y&R has had a solid lead for 23 years straight). The couple also had a period of 16 years where Steve was assumed dead but actually living with amnesia. But when they were together, it was beautiful. Too bad it’s divorce town for them now - maybe that has something to do with the ISA and the fact that Stephen Nichols is now Tucker on Y&R.

Tom and Alice Horton
Tom and Alice Horton are the original Days patriarch and matriarch, so much so that Salem has named their town square after them. They are legends! Tom and Alice also have personal significance because - especially in their older years - they looked like they could be pretty much anybody's grandparents.


The Bad Couples  

These are matches that do not last nearly as long as the above, but they are failures worth remembering.

Sami and fake-Rafe 

Alison Sweeney (L) and Galen Gering (R) play Sami and (fake)Rafe on Days of our Lives 

When Sami was with Rafe, Stefano kidnapped him and replaced him with a man who has been surgically altered to look exactly like Rafe. For a while, Sami was living and sleeping with a moronic criminal. Just the audacity of a plan that aims to destroy a marriage by paying for a guy to go through months of cosmetic surgery is itself incredible. But then again, you could always blame Rafe’s head injury.

Princess Gina and John Black
John Black - again under DiMera mind control - fell in love with Hope, who was herself under the suggestion that she was actually Princess Gina, international art thief, after the real Princess had died. The two made a brief appearance this year, and after the pair followed Stefano to Alamania when they found out that they were still legally married there. Somehow I think there should be a clause in marriage licenses that makes an exception when both parties are brainwashed, which may have completely avoided divorce proceedings for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Daniel and Chelsea
Disagree if you want to, but I always found Daniel and Chelsea together a little unsettling. I don’t know if it was an age thing, or if it’s because he’s a doctor, or if it was the fact that they both have such sharp faces that bothers me. It’s hard to explain, so YouTube made by someone who totally doesn’t have the rights to either the video or audio, which I think demonstrates my point.


The Should Be Couples  

These are the matches Heaven has yet to make.

EJ and Will 

James Scott (L) and Chandler Massey (R) play EJ and Will on Days of our Lives 

Again, congrats to Chandler Massey for his Emmy portraying Salem’s prominent gay character, Will Brady. Even though the direction seems to be in favour of Will and Sonny, that is just too predictable and boring for me. It makes more sense given Will’s recent hunger for power and admission that he wants to be like EJ, for him to have EJ. EJ has always taken what he wants and makes no apologies for it. So why should Will?

Abe and Kayla
This couple already seems to be in the works - consider when the pair were dancing at Lexi’s memorial (Note: I do think Lexi and Abe deserve a spot on the top couples, but I only have so much room and spoke about Lexi in detail fairly recently). With Kayla coming off a divorce from an estranged one-eyed husband and Abe recovering from having to bury his wife, the two would come to represent healing and new beginnings. Someone has to inject some hope.

By: Aaron Hagey-MacKay



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