• Rookie Blue recap: Everlasting

     Season 5 ended with a big secret revealed and an even bigger question looming. I can’t believe we have to wait for Season 6 to get our answers! What a crazy and intense episode - Rookie Blue ...

    Get your Rookie Blue paper dolls

     With season 5 of Rookie Blue coming to an end this week, I bet you're wondering how you're make it through all these months without your favourite coppers, right? 

    Rookie Blue recap - Fragments

     Things were literally explosive on this week’s episode of Rookie Blue, as 15 Division dealt with a bomber on a mission. Here’s what happened in “Fragments.” 

    Rookie Blue recap: Moving Day

     Body cameras: friend or foe? That was the question as 15 Division performed a trial run wearing body camera while on patrol. 

    Rookie Blue recap: Exit Strategy

     It was a bad Wednesday for many of our beloved cops in this week’s episode of “Rookie Blue.” Andy and Oliver’s relationship continued to be strained, while Dov and Chloe drifted further apart...

    Rookie Blue recap: Deal with Duncan the devil

     This week’s new episode of Rookie Blue kicked off with an overjoyed Oliver, who was celebrating his last week as Staff Sergeant and the end of his white shirt. Little did he know he wouldn’t ...

    Rookie Blue's Aliyah O'Brien on Holly and Gail

     Victoria B.C.'s Aliyah O'Brien plays Dr. Holly Stewart on the hit Canadian series Rookie Blue. Holly is a forensic scientist (and lesbian) who met Gail Peck in Season 4. Despite Gail never ha...

    Rookie Blue recap: Two Truths and a Lie

     Chris' recent drug habit and Andy’s Duncan Moore troubles took back seat this week as 15 Division sought Brian Gowdy’s killer. 

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    Season 5 begins with two lives hanging in the balance. Officers Sam Swarek and Chloe Price have been shot in the line of duty, and both are in critical care at Memorial Hospital. But life at 15 Division must go on – the officers have sworn an oath to serve and protect, no matter the consequences.

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