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    Remedy TV Series | Episode 10

    Quit the Horizon

    Airdate: Monday, April 28 at 9 et/pt

    Season 1, Episode 10: Season finale. Sandy struggles to say goodbye to Brian as her reconfigured family rally around to support her. Zoe and Griffin organize a labour stoppage after Lonnie is fired.

    Remedy TV Series | Episode 9

    The Little Things

    Airdate: Monday, April 21 at 9 et/pt

    Season 1, Episode 9: A tumultuous day at the hospital gives way to an awkward dinner with Brian’s family, leading to an astonishing revelation for Sandy.

    Remedy TV Series | Episode 8

    Shadow of Doubt

    Airdate: Monday, April 14 at 9 et/pt

    Season 1, Episode 8: Griffin starts to spin out of control after a harrowing car accident evokes a traumatic event from his past.

    Remedy TV Series | Episode 7

    Tomorrow The Green Grass

    Airdate: Monday, April 7 at 9 et/pt

    Season 1, Episode 7: When Rebecca (Martha Burns) is brought into the ER with a mysterious paralysis creeping up her body, Allen has to scramble to find out what’s happening before it’s too late. Ted Dykstra guest stars.

    Remedy TV Series | Episode 6

    Scary Bears

    Airdate: Monday, March 31 at 9 et/pt

    Season 1, Episode 6: An offhand comment from Allen sends Melissa into a tailspin, while Brian desperately tries to atone for a past mistake. Directed by Enrico Colantoni.

    Remedy TV Series | Episode 5

    The Beast Within

    Airdate: Monday, March 24 at 9 et/pt

    Season 1, Episode 5: Bruno shocks everyone by making an obscure diagnosis that saves a patient’s life, and a momentous secret from his past is revealed. After being kicked by a patient, Sandy calls Melissa for help instead of Brian.

    Remedy TV Series | Episode 4


    Airdate: Monday, March 17 at 9 et/pt

    Season 1, Episode 4: When two babies die of a mysterious infection in the Paediatric ICU, Allen scrambles to find patient zero before Bethune General suffers a full-blown outbreak.

    Remedy TV Series | Episode 3

    Testing, Testing

    Airdate: Monday, March 10 at 9 et/pt

    Season 1, Episode 3: Brian resolves to improve his patient interaction after receiving several complaints, while Griffin forms an unlikely bond with a cantankerous war veteran. Dr. Tuttle (Catherine Disher) refuses to consider Sandy’s diagnosis of a rare disease in a dancer (guest star Sonia Rodriguez).

    Remedy TV Series | Episode 2

    The Homecoming

    Airdate: Monday, March 3 at 9 et/pt

    Season 1, Episode 2: Griffin's first day as Bethune's newest porter is a rocky one, while Melissa forges an unlikely connection with the sister of a patient whose life she is scrambling to save.

    Remedy TV Series | Episode 1

    Bad Blood

    Series premiere aired Monday, February 24 at 9 et/pt

    Season 1, Episode 1: The Conner family is thrown back together in a haze of blood and confusion, as prodigal son Griffin (Dillon Casey) returns to his second family home - Bethune General Hospital.

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