Elementary recap: Corpse de ballet

Feb 07 2014, 04:10 PM by Cassandra Scrimgeour

Watch Elementary Ep 15: Corpse de Ballet.

The death of a promising ballerina held the attention of Sherlock, while Joan pursued the possible kidnapping of a homeless army veteran on this week’s episode of Elementary.

Elementary Season 2, Ep 15

Sherlock and Joan joined Captain Gregson at the theatre to examine the body of a ballerina that had been cut into two pieces (yuck). The victim, Nell Solange, died from having her throat cut. But the body was arranged to fall down dramatically from wire cables and land on the stage. But the wire cut the body into two pieces (again, yuck). 

Detective Bell also assisted with the investigation. Although he was still unable to carry a gun, he was allowed back into the field and seemed happier for it. Unfortunately the hard drive containing the theatre’s security footage was stolen. But the main suspect was a rival ballerina and demanding diva named Iris Lanzer.

While starting to investigate alongside Sherlock, Joan received a call from a homeless shelter she’d been volunteering at. She went to the hospital to speak to Morris Gilroy, a schizophrenic homeless man who insisted his friend “Freebo” had been kidnapped. The officers who arrested him were dismissive of his claims.

Joan pursued the claim and through another homeless shelter found a photo of Zeke Freebo. With Detective Bell’s help in releasing the photo, Joan got a lead from a witness who saw Zeke arguing with a woman outside of her home. Joan went to speak to the woman, Rachel Brown, who claimed she was Zeke’s sister.

Meanwhile evidence was mounting in Iris Lanzer’s direction for Nell’s murder. Iris’ box cutter (because apparently all ballerinas have box cutters for their pointe shoes) was used to slit Nell’s throat, but Iris claimed someone had stolen it a few days earlier. But Sherlock did not believe Iris was the killer.

Back at home, Sherlock had been having a steady flow of overnight coitus partners to whom Joan would serve to-go cups of coffee in the morning. One of Sherlock’s bedfellows ended up being Iris Lanzer. Surprised, Joan questioned Sherlock about getting involved with her. Sherlock deflected that through their sexy time he was able to further prove Iris was not the killer. A noticeable injury to her shoulder meant she would have been unable to maneuver the pulley mechanism used to hold the body in the theatre. Joan pointed out merely asking Iris would have been much easier.

Suspecting someone was framing Iris for Nell’s death, Sherlock combed through Iris’s legal files provided to Sherlock by her schmoozy lawyer, Nolan Sharp. However, the NYPD’s suspicion refocused on Iris, when an angry voicemail Iris left for Nell was leaked and indicated the two women had been romantically involved.

Back at home, Joan put some clothes together for the shelter. Sherlock questioned why she had such interest in the homeless and the importance of locating Zeke Freebo. Noticing her discomfort at the question, Sherlock backed off. Joan admitted that her birth father was homeless and schizophrenic. Her mother had divorced him when she was 3 years old and since remarried. He lived on the streets of New York and was on and off his medication. She had seen her father a few times, sometimes he knew who she was and other times not – but she had not seen him in two years. Sherlock seemed stunned by this revelation, perhaps realizing he doesn’t know everything there is to know about Joan Watson.

Sherlock further examined the contents of the leaked voicemail and noticed through background sound that the call had been recorded in lawyer Nolan Sharp’s office. Sherlock confronted Nolan about leaking the voicemail to garner further publicity for Iris and himself. He then accused Nolan of murdering Nell in an attempt to garner further headline fame. Nolan arrogantly shrugged off the accusations, not bothering to deny them. He knew Sherlock had no proof of his involvement.

In the continued search for Zeke Freebo, Joan spoke to his sister, who seemed genuinely touched by Joan’s interest in helping Zeke. No closer to finding him, Joan went back to one of the homeless shelters and spoke with Morris Gilroy. He had resumed his medication. Morris showed Joan some of Zeke’s personal items. Among them was a family photo. Zeke had a sister, one sister only – and she was not the woman Joan had spoken to.

Joan enlisted Detective Bell’s help in securing a warrant for the imposter’s home. After prying a padlock of a basement door, the police found Zeke Freebo and two other homeless veterans chained inside. The woman and her husband were using the men to collect their benefit money. Lowest of the low. Sherlock and Joan watched the story of the captured men on the news. Sherlock pondered over evidence of Nolan’s involvement when he was struck by an idea.

The next day Sherlock confronted Nolan, who was primping in the mirror before a big media press conference. Sherlock revealed he questioned the legitimacy of Nolan’s legal billing to his clients, which secured a warrant to his office. In Nolan’s safe they found the stolen hard drive containing the security footage from the theatre on the night of the murder. The pompous lawyer had been outsmarted; obviously he didn’t know who he was messing with.

Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes

Later at home, Sherlock brought down a stack of blankets and suggested he and Joan take them to the park and distribute them to the homeless on what was supposed to be a particularly cold night. Touched, Joan agreed and off they went. Their relationship is always the thing that particularly endears me so much to Elementary.

What did you think of “Corpse de Ballet”? Do you think we will see Joan’s father eventually? What did you think of Sherlock’s string of overnight guests? Is anyone still hoping for a potential Watson/Detective Bell romance?

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