10 Questions That Will Keep You Coming Back to the Blacklist

Sep 24 2013, 12:33 PM by Cassandra Scrimgeour

The Blacklist - TV Series, episode 1

If you haven’t watched the series premiere of The Blacklist, you should. On the surface a show about a career criminal Raymond Reddington turning himself into the FBI but proves to be so much more.

The pilot episode packs literal punches with a continuously twisting plot that will leave you intrigued while demanding your attention.

Without too many spoilers, here are 10 reasons you will be sucked into The Blacklist:

  1. 1.Why did Raymond Reddington surrender?

  2. 2. What does he hope to achieve by assisting the FBI?

  3. 3. What happened to Reddington during his 4-years off the radar?

  4. 4. What happened to turn him into a criminal and abandon his family?

  5. 5. When will Elizabeth learn she is Reddington’s daughter? (I’m speculating)

  6. 6. Will a personal relationship develop between Agent Kessler and Elizabeth Keen?

  7. 7. What does Reddington know about Elizabeth’s husband?

  8. 8. Who is Tom really?

  9. 9. What happened to give Elizabeth her scar?

  10. 10. Is Reddington masterminding a complex, manipulative plan?


Watch the series premiere of The Blacklist below, and don't forget to tune in next Monday at 10.00 et/pt and watch the mystery continue!


The Blacklist Video - Pilot | Episode 1



When is The Blacklist on TV? In Canada, The Blacklist airs Mondays at 10.00 et/pt on Global TV
Where can I watch The Blacklist online for free? GlobalTV.com/theblacklist/index.html streams full episodes of The Blacklist online for free, or watch with the Global Go app on your iOS or Android mobile device. Episodes are typically posted the day after the initial on-air broadcast.