The meltdown to end all meltdowns - Amy's Baking Company

May 15 2013, 05:00 PM by Lori Harito and Christine Montgomery

By now I'm sure you've seen the barrage of verbal vitriol that is coming out of Amy's Baking Company on their Facebook page. Or, rather, "the hacking" that the company has endured.

It's hard to believe that a duo who made Gordon Ramsay walk out of the Kitchen Nightmare that was Samy and Amy Bouzaglo's restaurant, has been "hacked" after a very intense public fight with their 'haters.' The episode is nothing short of amazing. It's a look into what happens when your delusions and narcissism get in the way of running a business. You made Gordon freakin' Ramsay quit. Gordon Ramsay does not quit ANYTHING! And he quit a company that calls itself "Amy's Baking Company Bakery Boutique and Bistro" (A baking company, bakery, boutique and bistro all mixed into one)!

 Amy's Baking Company meltdown
And when you allow the internet trolls to get the better of you - well, then we have an internet sensation on our hands. Samy and Amy who own Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, AZ  were happily promoting their 15 minutes of fame on Kitchen Nightmares on Facebook. After the episode aired, it turned ugly. Customers flocked to Yelp to write their one-star reviews about the restaurant. The situation escalated when Samy and/or Amy started responding to the haters on Facebook. Reddit quickly started following the activities and reporting it.
Here are some screen shots from Amy's Baking Company's Facebook page and they're magical.


 Amy's Baking Company Facebook


 Amy's Baking Company on Facebook

Amy's Baking Company Meltdown on Facebook

Let's face it, people are hooked on this story. Because when you involve CAPS LOCK in a Facebook status, we know you mean business.

 If anything, their public disdain for the customer is a huge look into how NOT to run  a company, how NOT to use social media and how not to treat employees, customers, potential customers and the general public.

Having said that their Facebook page is now at 51,000+ likes and growing simply because of people's voyeuristic need to see what is going on and how far the meltdown will go.

And as the team tries to wrap their heads around this insanity and decipher what's going on, one team member made a valid point. Who's who in this morbid game? Is Samy writing the majority of comments or is Amy publicly losing her mind and hurling insults such as  "Sl---y b**h" to customers inquiring when they can get a lunch reservatiom?

Funny thing, I actually think they believe they've been hacked. I even think Samy and Amy have gone so far as to contact the FBI over their Facebook and Reddit status (does the FBI really get involved in small, insignificant case like this)


Amy's Baking Company

The entertainment value here is huge. We love you Gordon, but we really really love the crazies that you bring out.  Bon Appetit! 


Watch Kitchen Nightmares - Amy's Baking Company Online

On this episode of Kitchen Nightmares, witness the meltdown to end all meltdowns when Gordon Ramsay meets the first restaurant owners he believes simply cannot be helped. With a cup of crazy cat lady and spoonful of threats from a "gangster", Amy's Baking Company is the ultimate recipe for disaster.

Warning: if you've ever worked in the service industry, prepare to be appalled.



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