Ben Affleck on SNL Season Finale - Watch Video

May 22 2013, 10:24 AM by Mark William Calaway

Saturday Night Live - Ben Affleck

Watch the best clips from the season finale of Saturday Night Live. Ben Affleck hosts, with guest appearances by Anderson Cooper, Amy Poehler, Jennifer Garner and Carrie Brownstein.

Basically, here are all the reasons why Ben Affleck is awesome.


"The IRS ain't going to Wesley Snipes me!"



Poll: Who had the better Five Timers Monologue this season, Ben Affleck or Justin Timberlake?



Ben Affleck as Greg, a mysteriously familiar funeral guest.



The obligatory Argo Spoof:



Check out this "Top of the Pops" extravaganza, featuring Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia!



"New: Xanax for gay summer weddings."



Bill Hader and Ben Affleck are brilliant in this 1933 Depression sketch.




"Did someone say 'how's it hanging?'"




Stefano and Seth Myers say farewell to Weekend Update in an emotional spoof of The Graduate.




Where can I watch SNL online for free? streams full episodes of SNL online for free - episodes are typically posted the day after the initial on-air broadcast.