Survivor Cagayan spoilers: Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty

Dec 16 2013, 05:01 PM by Global Staff

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With last night's finale of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, fans won't have to pine too long before their beloved castaways return to the screen and this time the show will ask an age-old question: Who is most likely to succeed — burly folks, brilliant folks or the absolute knockouts?
In Survivor: Cagayan contestants will be divided into three tribes: brains, brawn and beauty.  

Survivor Host Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly the most intriguing part of classifying the castaways this way will be seeing how each person reacts to their labels and how that changes the group dynamic.

"It’s really interesting how that label either works or doesn’t for each individual," Probst told Entertainment Weekly writer Dalton Ross.

"The premise we were going for was kind of layered," Probst said. "Is there one quality that is clearly more valuable in Survivor? And what happens when you tell somebody they're in the smart tribe. Do they believe it? And it turns out the IQ in the brains tribe was significantly higher than the other two tribes. It’s very high. And they knew that. They assumed it, and the felt the pressure. You can see it."

There will be no Redemption Island on the 28th season of Survivor. And, in a direct response to what fans were calling for, Cagayan will also feature a cast of all-new players, Probst says.

Rumour has it that former NBA Basketball player Clifford Robinson with be joining the brawn team.

Shot in the Philippines last summer, Survivor: Cagayan will premiere on Global on February 26.

When is Survivor on TV? In Canada, Survivor premieres Wednesday, February 26 on Global
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