Nathan Owens Leaving Days of our Lives

Sep 24 2013, 03:49 PM by Aaron Hagey-MacKay

This week on the Salem Update, Doctor Cam is leaving Days of our Lives, we take a look at how Sami Brady got her murder charges dropped, and of course, some spoilers for next week.

Nathan Owens - Days of our LIves

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Nathan Owens, who plays Dr. Cameron Davies on Days of our Lives has left the show. His last air date is expected to be sometime in November. His first appearance was in December 2012, replacing Schulyer Yancey, who started the role in April of that year.

Daytime Royalty has published an interview where he confirms his exit, saying that his exit, “comes on the heels of Chad’s absence. As soon as his character gets....wait.”

We are unsure if he’s saying Chad dies or Cameron dies, or maybe neither. But he did also say, “[There is] definitely some stuff between EJ, myself, and Chad. It’s going to get fun. “

Reflecting back on his tenure on Days, he was asked about the infamous stripper scene, stating, “It was good. It was fun. The best part about it was that it allowed me to bond with the cast. It’s definitely bonding when you’re in your drawers together.”



Sami: Free at last, free at last!

BTW - Did you see Sami’s crazy trail last week?

Sami Brady - Alisson Sweeney

So for the last few weeks, Sami Brady’s legal situation has seemed quite dire. Accused of killing Det. Bernardi, Sami was claiming that he was about to kill or maim Rafe in his hospital bed, so she had no choice but to kill him. The only problem is that the razor Sami claimed he had was missing.

EJ is desperate to do anything to get Sami free. First he pleads with Special Prosecutor Melinda Trask to let Sami go in exchange for him going to jail and testifying against his father Stefano DiMera. Melinda refuses, confindent that she’ll have EJ soon after she puts Sami away in prison.

Later, EJ figures out that his father was actually “5 steps ahead” of him this whole time. He made the razor disappear somehow and has the power to set Sami free at anytime. He just refuses to do it. Bernardi was in Stefano’s pocket, but now EJ will be there too. After some begging and groveling, EJ makes a deal with his father to move in his entire family to the DiMera mansion with Stefano, where he will treat his father with some respect. Pretty good for getting your wife out of jail.

As soon as EJ makes this promise, Abe suddenly has a new lead and has to delay his testimony to gather new evidence, much to the shagrin of Melinda Trask.

Turns out that Bernardi was having an affair with a woman who worked that the hospital and she just took a plane to Morocco, which has no extradition treaties with the U.S. The police raided her apartment and find the missing razor, which has Bernardi’s blood splatter from the gunshot wound.

So now Sami is back at home, but will she like this new power that Stefano has over her family? PROBABLY NOT!



DAYS' Galen Gering meets Cher

Galen Gering [] has one of the better twitter accounts of the Days of our Lives cast. You can view a recent photo from a close encounter he had with Cher here!



Next week on Days of our Lives

Kristen receives an unwelcome shock when she finally decides to get rid of the video of her and Eric having sex. Eric demands to know why Nicole wants to quit her job at the church… will she reveal her feelings for him? Sami and EJ have a huge fight when she refuses to abide by Stefano’s rules. JJ turns to Adrienne as he doggedly pursues the truth about Jack. Meanwhile, Jennifer is determined to stop her son from digging up the past. Theresa takes steps to convince Jennifer she slept with Daniel. Nick continues to plan his future with Gabi – unaware she is preparing to end things with him.



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