SPOILER ALERT: Will and Sonny are getting married!

Nov 21 2013, 11:22 AM by Aaron Hagey-MacKay

Sonny and Will - Days of our Lives

For all of those fans of “WilSon” out there, good news! Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis will be getting married on an upcoming episode of Days of our Lives.

The big reveal slipped out of the mouth of 86-year-old cast member Peggy McCay (DAYS - Caroline) at a fan event, as reported by Gay Star News . “Two young men on our show are getting married – two gay men. And we’re all celebrating,” said McCay.

According to Gay Star News, Josh Taylor (DAYS - Roman) apparently had to reminder McCay that the show shoots several months in advance. McCay then realized that she had given away a huge spoiler and said, “I shouldn’t have said anything.”

I don’t know about you, but I am glad she let the news slip, because now it confirms what I have suspected for over a year, ever since WilSon became an item.

The idea that Salem’s first gay couple would be tying the knot is not entirely surprising, considering the producers of the show have explicitly stated that they wanted Will and Sonny to be considered just like any other couple on the show. But what is surprising is that we now know this is coming down the pipeline soon, as opposed to waiting a few years.

So again, thanks Peg!

This will be the show’s first gay wedding, but the big question is, who will be Will Horton?

Remember, Chandler Massey who played Will Horton when he came out as gay - and won two back-to-back Daytime Emmys for his portrayal - left the show back in the summer, and was replaced by Guy Wilson in September.

Did they shoot the wedding episode with fan favourite Chandler Massey? Or did Guy Wilson, a man who will already have his work cut out for him, say “I do” with Freddie Smith (DAYS - Sonny)?

Maybe Chandler did the wedding, and then guy is featured in the honeymoon? Surprise! New husband, Sonny!

What do you think of Will and Sonny getting married?


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