Why is Eileen Davidson is Leaving Days of our Lives? Salem News and Spoilers

Aug 15 2013, 11:27 AM by Aaron Hagey-MacKay

This week in the world of all things Days of our Lives, Eileen Davidson speaks about leaving the series, and in Salem, Jen and her son JJ fall down the rabbit hole.

We're also giving you a sneak peek of what's to come on Days of our Lives.


Eileen Davidson on leaving Days of our Lives

Eileen Davidson on Days of our Lives

Recently, TV Guide did what you might call an “exit interview” with the great Eileen Davidson to talk about why she left the show after a year-long stint on Days of our Lives as Kristen DiMera.

“When I told Eric Martsolf [DAYS - Brady] I was leaving, the first thing out of his mouth was, "Oh, you're going back to Y&R," Eileen Davidson tells TV Guide, addressing the rumour that her departure from Days is a signal of her return to The Young and the Restless. Davidson clarifies that her departure from Days was a decision she made in order to have more free time to spend more with her children. Davidson continues:

"The characters I play there have a very short shelf life. How can you have Kristen keep doing her shenanigans year after year without it getting old? How many times can she reunite with Brady before he starts to look like a complete dunce?" Adding, "Days has asked me to come back for shorter story arcs down the line, and that could happen.

“I've had directors and others at the show say they've read my last month of shows and they call it great, epic soap opera, as only Days and a character like Kristen can do. I was really blown away by it myself. It's pretty amazing.”

You can read the full interview: here


Days of our Lives tackles Comedy

Days of our Lives marijuana storyline

Tuesday’s episode of Day of our Lives was the first time in a while the show has had a comedic storyline. Oh they pepper in moments here and there but only from time to time, but this time was different, it was a two episode plot arch of ridiculousness! And, frankly, I think they should do this kind of thing more often.

What happened, you ask? As you may know, Jen’s son, JJ, is back and battling complex feelings of anger toward his family, sadness for the loss of his father, and lust for this new Theresa chick. So basically he’s trying to escape with drugs and it’s getting him into trouble... often. But this time is a bit different.

Jennifer is hosting a book club meeting and she’s made some donuts as a tasty treat for all to enjoy while talking about Alice in Wonderland. Noticing some left-over batter - and having recently scored a portion of the narcotic marijuana - JJ decides to make “pot-doughnuts”.

The bookclub girls [Jennifer, Adrienne, Kayla, Nicole and Julie] eventually all arrive at Jen’s place. Earlier, Adrienne noticed JJ had made some donuts and decided that JJ’s friends should get the better looking donuts, which Jen made.

Cut to the book club meeting getting underway. As the girls open several bottles of wine, Adrienne realizes they would be best paired with donuts!

Now is where things get sloppy. Jen starts having trouble saying words like “expiration date”. Nicole backs away into a corner, beginning to think everyone was out to get her, and of course, Julie handcuffs herself with a pair of “trick” handcuffs that turned out to be “regular” handcuffs. Julie calls Hope, with the help of her friends and asks them to send a cop car with a set of keys so that she may be able to eat soup again.

JJ and his friends realize their donuts are really dud-nuts, unless you count the sugar high. JJ figures out where his cannabis-crullers must be and rushes home to see a cop at the door.

Before he can say anything incriminating, Jen opens the door and is just having a blast chatting up the kind officer! She thanks him for his help and offers him a doughnut, which he (avoiding stereotype) refuses, saving JJ’s skin.

JJ is safe but visibly upset as he so kindly offers to clean up the evidence and suggests his mom go to bed because she looks tired.

I guess that’s what happens when you go down the rabbit hole. I wonder what Alice would have to say about this situation.


Next week on Days of our Lives

  • • Jennifer covers for Kristen when Nicole spies them with a pregnancy test. But she pays a price when Nicole blabs to Daniel that Jennifer is pregnant!

  • • While Will and Sonny celebrate the grand opening of the newly renovated club, a lonely Gabi seeks solace from Nick.

  • • The celebration at the club is interrupted when Theresa and Vargas’ date ends in violence.

  • • The special prosecutor offers Sami a reduced sentence – but it will come at very high personal cost.

  • • Nick and Gabi make love!



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