New Season, New Site, New Content and Contest.

Jan 02 2013, 12:00 PM by Lori Harito

bomb girls blog post


It's been a big day for Bomb Girls today. An all new season starts tonight at 8 et/pt and with it we find out how Lorna is dealing with her pregnancy. Will Betty be able to find and save Kate from the confines of her religious father? How is Gladys coping with James fighting for the Allied forces and her family in constant battle with Gladys' wishes and their social standings? It will be a great season with 12 episodes instead of six!

To celebrate one of our favourite Canadian shows we wanted our viewers to really experience the world of Bomb Girls so we added even more to the Bomb Girls website. This year we're including the new Jewel Box set which will be featured in the show as a jazz bar that gives the girls and guys a reprieve from their jobs and wartime efforts. Enter the set with exclusive music performed by Jill Barber and Royal Wood! You can listen to full tracks which are performed on the show as well as get to know the cast and crew a little better with sit down interviews. The behind the scenes commentary also includes interviews with the show choreographer, set designer and a walk down memory lane as we hear from the crew about what social life was like during the 1940s. 
In keeping with premiere night celebrations we're extending our excitement over onto Twitter and Facebook. Starting at 7pm EST/PST, co-creators of the show Michael MacLenann and Adrienne Mitchell will be doing a LIVE Q&A answering viewer questions about the show. Join them as they take over the @BombGirls account. If you'd like to ask a question simply tweet with the hashtag #ASKBG.

Then during the premiere at 8 et/pt the cast of Bomb Girls will be tweeting and answering your questions. Follow Charlotte Hegele (Kate), Ali Liebert (Betty), Antonio Cupo (Marco), Michael Seater (Ivan) and of course, the fabulous Meg Tilly (Lorna). 

And if that wasn't enough, we're also asking you to tune in and win! Every week we'll be asking a question related to the episode. Answer correctly on our Facebook page for a chance to win a Bomb Girls prize pack.

This weeks trivia question:

How much money does Gladys raise for the Red Cross in the Jewel Box? 


Watch Bomb Girls Full Episodes Here:

Tune in Wednesday at 8 et/pt.