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Jan 30 2013, 12:00 PM by Lori Harito

The '40s look:

the women in uniform
The turban was used to protect hair from getting dirty, tied around the head as tightly as possible. No pins were allowed in the factory, so women would arrive to work without brushing out their curls, after having set their hair in metal rollers overnight. At the end of the day the turbans were removed and the curls were brushed out and styled ready for a night out.


the women look


The face was very natural looking with a cream or liquid foundation applied lightly to the face. Blush or 'rouge' came in powder or paste form in a pink hue. The tone was brightened up for the night look.

Eyebrows were full and thick. While there was minimal plucking, the shape was still maintained. For extra definition women would occasionally use a brown pencil to fill in the brow for a more striking look.

During the day, only mascara was used on the eye with no eyeliner or eye shadow. For an evening look, muted and earth-toned eye shadows like brown and charcoal were applied to the upper lids and blended towards the brow bone. For added definition a white eye liner would be applied to the inner rim of the lower lid.

And of course, the look was finished off with lipstick. The lips were meant to look full and soft. The roundness of the lip was exaggerated by lining the upper and lower lip with lip liner and filling it with a red-based lipstick.

Women often matched the lip shade to their outfit; for example a warm colour palette required an orange-red lipstick, a pink outfit had a pink-red lipstick.



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