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    bb16 harry potter

    Week 4 


    Season 16, Week 4: Devin did not understand how this game worked, he made too many solo decisions for his alliance and created many enemies while retaining zero allies. Now that Devin is out of the game he should write a book entitled, Big Brother 101: What Not To Do. » Read More

    B16 toilet

    Week 3 


    Season 16, Week 3: Let's agree on one thing, Devin is barreling through the house like a Mack truck. After winning HOH, he went on to claim the Power of Veto and removed Brittany from the block. Brittany made a brilliant “single mother” plea that tugged on Devin’s heart strings and that’s why she’s still in the game today.   » Read More

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    BB16 - Week 2

    Week 2 


    Season 16, Week 2: Joey Van Pelt, the first member of Team America, was evicted from the house in a unanimous 13 - 0 vote. Joey made a classic mistake in the game when she tried to create an alliance with all of the girls but didn’t realize that a few of them were already in a pre-existing alliance, The Bombsquad.  » Read More

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    BB 16 cast | Big Brother 16 episodes

    Week 1 


    Season 16, Week 1: In Big Brother 16 the two HOH’s, Battle of the Block Competition and Team America twists have completely restructured the game. » Read More

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