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    Week 13

    Season Finale Wednesday, September 18 at 9.30 et/pt

    Big Brother 15 - Final 3The second part of the final Head of Household competition has been completed.Although the challenge was blocked on the feeds, viewers did observe the happenings afterwards confirming who had won. »Read More  

    Week 12

    Big Brother 15 - GinaMarie ZimmermanOne, possibly two previous winners have paid a call to the Big Brother house. Ian Terry, the winner of Big Brother 14 hosted a superhero-themed Power of Veto Competition over the weekend. »Read More  

    Week 11

    Big Brother - Elissa Slater, Rachel Reilly's sisterThe out of control Amanda Express has gone off the rails once again. Nominated for eviction along with her showmance McCrae, Amanda blew a whole mother board of microchips when she was put up on the block by current Head of Household: GinaMarie. »Read More  

    » EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Reilly on Elissa's Eviction  

    Week 10

    Big Brother 15 | Returning jury member twistThe latest chapter in the nasty rivalry began when Elissa complained to McCrae about Amanda rifling through her personal belongings. »Read More  

    » EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Reilly on Elissa HoH Aftermath  

    Week 9

    Big Brother 15 - Elissa, HelenA veto win has turned the game upside down. Elissa Slater, the 27-year-old sister of Rachel Reilly, won the Power of Veto and will be taking herself off the block. She along with Helen were nominated by this week’s Head of Household, Aaryn. »Read More  

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    Week 8

    Big Brother 15 Elissa, Amanda | BB15 Episode GuideIt was one of the most surreal moments in all of Big Brother history. »Read More  

    » EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Reilly talks double eviction  

    Week 7

    Big Brother 15 photos | Ginamarie wears a coneThis weekend’s Power of Veto Competition saw some of the HouseGuests walk away with prizes while others suffered humiliating penalties. Although Jessie was the big winner and can now take herself off the block, Judd and Spencer left the Veto Competition with smiles on their faces. »Read More  

    » BB15 UPDATE: Big Brother double eviction outcome  

    Week 6

    Amanda on Big Brother 15 | BB15 Episode GuideLike a ship lost at sea, Amanda doesn’t seem to know which way to turn. Spencer winning the Power of Veto and Amanda being the MVP nomination has her scrambling for safety and becoming one of the most paranoid players in Big Brother history. Not part of any solid alliance, Howard, Candice and Spencer are in the most danger of taking a seat beside Julie Chen. This week, Howard, Candice and Amanda are on the block. In the larger scheme of things though, Aaryn, Judd, Andy, Amanda, McRae and Helen have targeted outcast Howard for eviction this week. »Read More  

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    Week 5

    Big Brother 15 Episodes This week, Big Brother reminds us why we LOVE the show! In the beginning of the week, we see Judd win HOH and we think that it's going to be a boring week in the BB house. »Read More  

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    Week 4

    Big Brother 15 Episode Guide As Helen’s egocentric HoH reign ends, one HouseGuest cannot stop the tears and another’s worst fears have become a reality. Helen, a self-admitted die-hard Big Brother fan, has allowed her head to expand four hat sizes while wearing the Head of Household robe. »Read More  


    Week 3

    Aaryn Gries Big Brother 15 | BB15 Episode Guide More times than not, hardcore Big Brother fans don’t make the best players. They overplay their hands. They overthink things. Sometimes absolute power corrupts absolutely. Making more deals than Monty Hall ever did – Helen – this week’s Head of Household – has muddied the clear waters in the house for no apparent reason. As a political consultant, you would think she would know better. »Read More

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    Week 2

    Big Brother 15 - Episode Guide It seems the more things change, the more things stay the same in the Big Brother house. When we last left the HouseGuests they were battling in teams for Head of Household. Much to the dismay of most due to her now infamous statements on the live feeds, Aaryn Gries secured the coveted position and immediately began targeting her nemesis: Elissa Slater, the sister of Rachel Reilly. »Read More

    » GLOBALTV.COM EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Reilly discusses Elissa's gameplay

    Season Premiere - Head of Household #1

    Big Brother 15 Cast | Big Brother Episode Guide Paranoia about what effect the MVP power will have on the game has caused the HouseGuests to circle the wagons and target one specific player. On the live feeds from the house, Elissa Slater, the sister of Season 13 winner Rachel Reilly, has had her back against the wall for almost the entire week. Once some began to figure out her true identity, they assumed she will have an unfair advantage when it comes to the weekly MVP vote by the public. »Read More

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  • Season Premiere Wednesday, June 25 BIG BROTHER 8.00 et/pt
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