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I am having problems downloading the app from the Windows store. Why?

To download the GlobalTV App from the Windows store you must be using a Windows 8 PC, laptop or tablet. In addition, make your device's regional settings are set to Canada (not the United States). Here's how: 

What is the in-app video content offering?

The content offering mirrors that of Global's online offering (, with a few exceptions determined by licensing agreements. The length to which online content can remain in the app is governed by different licensing agreements.

The video quality is pixelated at times. Why?

The Global TV app for Windows 8 (and indeed, uses "adaptive streaming", an innovative technique that ensures the quality of video is commensurate with the strength of your Internet signal. This way, even those using devices with weak signals are able to enjoy the content. Should the video appear grainy/pixelated, it is likely due to the strength of your device's Internet signal.

Are there plans to roll out similar apps for other Shaw brands?

Apps will be developed wherever deemed strategically important to grow our audience and increase awareness of our brands.

Are there any costs associated with the Global TV app?

The Global TV app is free to download and use. When outside a Wi-Fi area, your device might access data through a 3G cellular network, which may incur data costs - particularly when roaming. Verify with your cellular provider how you will be charged for data usage for streaming video on cellular networks.

Can I download shows and store them on my device?

No. You can only stream content while connected to the Internet. There is no option to save or store content locally on the device.

Can I use the Global TV app outside of Canada?

You will not be able to watch video outside Canada on this device as the content is only licensed for audiences in Canada.

Does the Global TV app include advertisements?

The app includes video advertisements that may play before, during, and after video playback.

How do I download the Global TV app?

The app is available for free at the Windows Store. Find it at the following location: 

Will there be changes to the Global TV App in the future?

Yes. We are constantly innovating our mobile product offering in an effort to provide the most user-friendly and feature-rich experience. Please expect further enhancements to the product and a continuous injection of exciting new shows.

How long is content available within the Global TV app?

Content is governed by different licensing agreements. As with our website, content typically expires after about 17 days. Please note that, for US-based shows, we currently do not have rights to run repeat episodes.

Is the content within the app the same as on your website?

You can enjoy almost all the full episodes and exclusive content currently residing on The few exceptions are determined by licensing agreements.