• Dale: Competing with Kelley was better than winning

     He fought hard. He fought well. It just wasn’t quite enough. One week after seeing his daughter voted off, it was Dale’s turn to have his torch snuffed. Dale spoke to us about his Hidden Immu...

    Survivor San Juan del Sur: Week Six Winners, Losers

     Dale must have felt like a punching bag. With the boot of Kelley last week, he took a shot to the body. This week, it was a haymaker punch to the jaw knocking Dale right out of the game. 

    Kelley praises her dad, fires back at Drew

     Add another to that list of Survivor players who were voted out well before their time. A life-long fan who seemed to be playing one of the shrewdest games out there this season, Kelley Wentw...

    Survivor San Juan del Sur: Week Five Winners, Losers

     Playing Survivor with a public partner is a double-edged sword. On one hand, two are definitely stronger than one in what often boils down to a numbers game. On the other, guilt by associatio...

    Drew: I made a lot of mistakes

     Like a student who flunked his mid-term exam, Drew Christy wishes he had done his Survivor homework before he headed out to the island. Drew has many regrets about not only the strategy he em...

    Survivor San Juan del Sur: Week Four Winners, Losers

     In the past, many Survivor contestants have intentionally or unintentionally dug their own graves. Drew Christy did all of them one better. He dug his own grave, ordered the wreath, hosted th...

    John Rocker: My Survivor enemies are now my friends

     Although they might not be on each other’s Christmas card list just yet, according to John Rocker, he and Natalie Anderson have buried the hatchet.  

    Survivor San Juan del Sur: Week Three Winners, Losers

     Although he once said the last thing he wanted to do is offend people and ostracize himself, former professional baseball player John Rocker managed to do both on Survivor. Entering the game ...

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