Survivor fantasy league: pre-game draft

Feb 27 2014, 04:34 PM by Christine Montgomery

Who will win THE ULTIMATE PRIZE? Who will watch as their team of castaways get their torches snuffed week after week?

 Join us every week as Global Survivor HQ participates in a no holds barred, cut throat Survivor: Cagayan fantasy league. Experience all the glory, humiliation and trash talk that comes with a fantasy sports league — except much better because we're talking about Survivor!

In Week 1, we draft our teams. Check out the results below and let us know who's team you're rooting for (hint: Team Monty).

Word to the reader: this post was created before the season premiere of Survivor, but we're posting it after the fact because, you know... life gets busy sometimes. If you haven't watched the premiere yet, watch the season premiere of Survivor: Cagayan online now.


The point system

  Points are awarded/removed when castaways on your   team accomplish the following:   Point  allocation 
  Wins Sole Survivor   + 300 points
  Final 2 or Final 3 no-vote-getter   - 50 points
  Voted out   - 50 points
  Voted out in a blindside   -75 points
  Wins individual immunity   +50 points
  Wins individual reward challenge   +25 points
  Castaway survives getting their name written down at tribal   +25 points
  Jeff Probst refers to castaway by their last name    +50 points
  Makes the merge    +50 points
  Crying on camera   - 10 points
  Make out scene   + 25 points


The Players

Sarah (The Rookie), Christine (The Research), Rebecca (The Veteran), and Jason ("Chocolate Pocket")


Team Rebecca (AKA The Veteran)

Rebecca Survivor "I can only hope that Probst would call me by my last name if we ever met in real life."
Who is your fav Survivor castaway? Tough question. Fave male: Boston Rob. Fave female: Parvati. I like deserving winners.
What is your fav season of Survivor? All-Stars. The original (season 8). I tend to prefer returning player seasons, and it doesn't really get better than a love story (hello, Boston Rob proposing at the live reunion show)!


Tony Clachos

Tony ClachosSarah: this one is HILARIOUS. Are there points awarded for hilarity?
Sarah: straight from the shore yo! Fist pumps all the way to the island!
Jason: honestly, Rebecca, I'd like to say you've done worst but... hmm...

Rebecca: you guys, I'm hoping he'll align with the other policewoman

Jefra Bland

Jefra Bland on Survivor Sarah: weird name
Rebecca: she's got a good sob story. Her dad did drugs, overcame addiction
Jason: Miss Kentucky? I love her
Christine: she seems like the smartest of the beauty ladies

Alexis Maxwell

Alexis Maxwell on Survivor Sarah: is that a bra?
Rebecca: she wants to flirt her way through the game. Hoping we have another Parvati on our hands here

LJ McKanas

LJ McKanas on Survivor Sarah: Horse trainer!!! Now that's a non-transferable skill
Christine: what if they find a wild horse?
Rebecca: this guy was my first pick
Jason: this guy doesn't stand a chance against The Ogler
Rebecca: Jeff will like him, which is always fun to watch
Christine: Jeff will call him "McKanas"



Team Monty (AKA The Research)

Christine Survivor 28 "Statistics indicates a strong merge episode is key to a castaway finishing Final 3"
Who is your fav Survivor castaway?
I appreciate a good narrator: Jonathan Penner, John Cochran, Sandra Diaz-Twine, etc.
What is your fav season of Survivor? Survivor: Cook Islands (minus the first three episodes) or Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Trish Hegarty

Trish Hegarty on Survivor Jason: "Meh"
Christine: no way. She has Denise Stapley factor
Rebecca: She dislikes manipulators soo there goes her game
Sarah: I feel like she could get annoying no? Like a pilates know it all

Cliff Robinson

Cliff Robinson on Survivor Christine: LONG LIVE UNCLE CLIFFY!
Jason: Cliff is solid. He's going to be liked and play hard
Sarah: wont people want him out straight away?
Rebecca: Another big guy who needs a bigger threat?
Christine: also, this happened 

Tasha Fox

Tasha Fox on Survivor Jason: I liked this one
Rebecca: The cheerleader?
Christine: former cheerleader, now ab accountant who likes skeet shooting
Sarah: I dont like people who think they are jack fo all trades
Rebecca: One of her pet peeves is panty lines. I can't.
Sarah: she might be one of my pet peeves

J'Tia Taylor

J'Tia Taylor on Survivor Jason: Oh Lord, this go-getter
Sarah: confident. nuclear engineer. I guess we can't say this is a bad pick
Jason: Listen, not a big fan. Too confident
Christine: too confident? You picked David Samson!
Rebecca: Is she social enough to make it to the end?
Jason: She'll be like Monica last season, thinks she's in control and then gets nothing


Team Sarah (AKA The Rookie) 

Sarah - Survivor "I may be a rookie, but that is no reason to overlook me!"
Who is your fav Survivor castaway? Not applicable.
What is your fav season of Survivor? Not applicable.

Woo Hwang

Woo Hwang on Survivor Sarah: my top pick
Rebecca: he'll be interesting to watch for sure
Christine: he's like an Ozzy, minus the "me, me, me" attitude
Jason: I can't see him being sneaky enough
Christine: my prediction is that he goes on an immunity run and as soon as he loses, he gets blindsided and doesn't see it coming

Sarah Lacina

Sarah Lacina on Survivor Sarah: I feel good about this gal
Christine: I think we all like this pick
Rebecca: brains and muscles
Jason: I have no idea who this is
Rebecca: the guys will keep her when they team up and pick on girls

Garrett Adelstein

Garret Adelstein on Survivor Sarah: AMAZZZZINNNGGG
Jason: probably the only good pick Sarah made
Rebecca: I think he has an edge as a poker player. He'll think before speaking, which is something so many people are horrible at (without even realizing)
Christine: yeah but is he too much of a gamer?
Sarah: PPPPPoker face

Brice Johnston

Brice Johnston on Survivor Sarah: this will be interesting....
Christine: this is my pick for the dark horse of the season. I think he'll surprise people.
Jason: hey Sarah I'll trade you The Ogler for Brice
Rebecca: Is he the one who compared himself to Colton??



Team Jason (AKA Chocolate Pocket)

Jason Survivor "'Are you ready to get to your next challenge?' Yes I am, Jeff. Yes I am."
Who is your fav Survivor castaway?
Parvati Shallow. Best player to ever play the game. She does it all and looks great doing it!
What is your fav season of Survivor? Toss-up between Survivor: Micronesia (season 16) and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (season 20)

Spencer Bledsoe

Spencer Bledsoe on Survivor Jason: This guy is awesome
Christine: This guy is great. But this guy has no chance of winning
Sarah: OH GOD THIS BABY! He was basically just born
Rebecca: I feel like he'll be too arrogant
Christine: Everyone needs to follow Spencer on Twitter right now
Rebecca: I can't get behind anyone who thought Cochran sucked

David Samson

David Samson on Survivor Christine: As a Quebecois, i'm shocked Jason would pick a guy associated with destroying the  Montreal Expos   
Jason: Ok, I know.  But hear me out... He's smart and has business acumen
Sarah: is this a good pick? I don't get it. No one will let him win
Rebecca: No one will give him money
Christine: he'll probably be arrogant. No one likes the guy who wants to be the boss all the time

Jeremiah Wood

Jeremiah Wood on Survivor Jason: what a gem. Sleeper pick of the year. The ladies love him
Sarah: gross
Christine: I'm not into him
Rebecca: blah blah blah abs
Jason: He's like Malcolm 2.0
Sarah: that's enough jock pock

Lindsey Ogle

Lindsey Ogle on Survivor Jason: I have no idea who this is
Jason: oh god this one is on my team? Sweet Jesus what was I thinking
Christine: that hair is giving me weird feelings
Jason: The Ogler will be a dominating force
Jason: ...that was rather chocolate pocket-ish of me
Rebecca: can someone explain this chocolate pocket joke?



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