Survivor Blood vs Water Spoilers and Speculation

Sep 10 2013, 12:48 PM by Christine Montgomery

Read on at your own risk — this post reveals tantalizing tidbits about Survivor: Blood vs. Water that are sure to get you pumped for the season premiere Wednesday, September 18 at 8.00 et/pt on Global TV.

Survivor cast - Season 27, Blood vs. Water


Survivor: Blood vs. Water SPOILERS

- Redemption Island is back with a twist: castaways will have to opportunity to take the place of their loved one on Redemption Island this season. Rumour has it least one returning player will take the fall for their loved one in the game.

- As soon as you think you're safe, you're going home — rumour has it one castaway is sent home with an idol in their back pocket.

- Will we meet the new Ozzy? We've heard whispers of a castaway going on a serious immunity run this season.


Survivor: Blood vs. Water Speculation

Strongest Returning Player: Gervase Peterson
Survivor - Gervase Peterson
One of the original castaways from Season 1 of Survivor, Gervase was one of the unfortunate castaways of the Pagong tribe who fell victim to Richard Hatch's "alliance" scheme. Like Mike Skupin last season, Gervase will enter the game on no one's radar. The difference between Gervase and Skupin? Gervase looks like he has what it takes to fly under-the-radar AND make big moves.


Most Promising Newbie: Hayden Moss
Survivor - Hayden Moss, former Big Brother houseguest
Hayden Moss might be new to the game of Survivor, but as a former Big Brother winner, he knows all of the ins-and-outs of the strategic and social game. His experience on Big Brother will either make Hayden an early leader, or an early target.


Biggest Target: Brad Culpepper
Survivor - Brad Culpepper, former NFL player
Two seasons ago, former MLB player Jeff Kent made the decision to hide his past as a major league athlete in order to stay under-the-radar and avoid being targeted in the game. Unfortunately for Brad Culpepper, all of the castaways will know he is a former NFL player upon entering the game [Brad's loved one, returning player Monica Culpepper, might have mentioned this fact a few times on her season]. It would be very surprising if Brad's tribemates did not immediately target him for being a huge physical threat.


The Hero: Rupert
Survivor - Rupert
If you're familiar with this friendly giant's Survivor game: no explanation necessary. 


The Villain: Colton Cumbie
Survivor - Colton Cumbie
He claims to have changed his evil ways, but will anyone buy it?   


The Dark Horse: Kat Edorsson
Survivor - Kat Edorsson
Kat claims to have learned from the mistakes she made in Survivor: One World, and the loved one she's bringing along for the ride is former Big Brother winner and serious reality TV strategist, Hayden Moss. If Kat and Hayden can pull a couple of key players together to form an alliance, Kat could breeze her way to the final tribal council while Hayden fights the target off his back.       


Loved ones most likely to stay true to one another: Rupert and Laura 
Survivor - Rupert and wife Laura
We've already seen the chemistry between these two during loved ones visits on previous seasons of Survivor. There will be no breaking up this power duo.  


Loved ones most likely to betray each other: Tyson and Rachel
Survivor - Tyson and girlfriend Rachel
In her pre-season interview, Rachel jokes that she was asked to be on this season of Survivor because fans were curious "what kind of girl would date Tyson?!" To answer a rhetorical question, the kind of girl who dates Tyson Apostol is likely one who can match him in wit and evil prowess. This pair would turn on each other in a heartbeat, and when all is said and done, probably like each other all the better for it!          



When is Survivor: Blood vs. Water on TV? In Canada, Survivor: Blood vs. Water premieres Wednesday, September 18 at 10.00 et/pt on Global TV
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