Survivor: Blood vs. Water Life at Ponderosa

Nov 21 2013, 03:58 PM by Christine Montgomery

Survivor - Ponderosa NOTE: This post will be updated on a weekly basis

What happens to a Survivor castaway after the tribe has spoken and they've been booted out of the game? That castaway joins the other blindsided and betrayed at Camp Ponderosa.

From the first jury member onward, we have a full recap of how the Survivor: Blood vs. Water castaways spent their time at loser-lodge while waiting to cast their jury vote at the final tribal council.


Katie arrives at Ponderosa

Katie Ponderosa

"It's over, and it's sad because you work really hard."

Katie, a ukulele-playing hedge fund supporter from New York, arrives at Ponderosa. She's lost 14 pounds. "I'm looking forward to a beer...or seven," says Katie.

Katie reunites with her former alliance-mates, Vytas, Aras and Caleb. "How ugly was Gervase at tribal council?" asks Vytas. It looks like the jury is insofar not impressed with Gervase's gameplay.

For the next few days, Katie plays volleyball and darts and enjoys her time at Ponderosa. "It's great being here with three handsome guys!" To Katie, Ponderosa is a vacation opportunity, and she's loving being the only girl on this trip. "The guys call me Princess Katherine."


Caleb arrives at Ponderosa

Survivor Caleb

Caleb burns his buff and makes his way to Ponderosa. Does anyone else think they should have done the Redemption Island battles at night? It would just seem that much more dramatic when someone is eliminated!

I digress. Caleb arrives at Ponderosa. He's lost a whopping 23 pounds! "It's kinda euphoric," Caleb says about his Survivor experience, adding "it sucks that it's over but 30 days is no small step." Caleb contests that he's "too full of life" to eat, but while food is low on the list, he can't wait to brush his teeth.

Reflecting on his elimination, Caleb is sorry that Hayden and Katie are now in a tough spot. "They're heart was probably breaking. They're going to have to work triple time to get back in," says Caleb. 

Every year, there's always a really nice contestant who makes it far in the game but gets very little screen time. Generally, that's because dramatic people make for better TV than nice people. I think Caleb was that guy this season.

While musing over his starch-white shirt turning brown while playing Survivor, Vytas and Aras surprise Caleb in his cabin. Vytas and Aras were upset to see Caleb voted out, but happy he's at Ponderosa with them because they really like Caleb. Caleb: "you two were looking hot at Tribal Council."

Caleb, Aras and Vytas chat over a nice Ponderosa lunch. Caleb gives Aras and Vytas the scoop on what happened. Caleb reveals that he never trusted his final four pact with Tyson, Gervase and Hayden, but he went against his own instinct because Hayden thought it was the right move.

Now the question everyone's been waiting for: what does Caleb have to say about Colton? A humble man, Caleb says he's happy that Colton quit when he did. Better Colton left when he did than stick it out and "be broken" when they got back home. "Right then, the game didn't exist." 

Caleb talks about how opposites attract and how he hopes he and Colton will still be together when they're 80. "On the front porch, drinking sweet tea and eating chicken," says Caleb, finishing the picture like a true Southern gentleman.


Vytas arrives at Ponderosa

Survivor - Vytas and Laura and Tina

Vytas Baskauskas, yoga instructor and famed former heroine addict, arrives at Ponderosa. He weighs less than 165 pounds. Vytas: "the last time I was 160 pounds, I was being thrown in L.A. county jail. I had been on the street for six months, I hadn't been eating a thing."

Vytas reflects on the challenge he lost. He knew Tina would have never gotten the puzzle on her own, and he knew that Luaura M. would do well in the challenge. "It's like those super religious hypocrites, that's what she is," adds Vytas.

Meanwhile at camp Ponderosa, Aras is hoping the next person out is anyone but Vytas. Surprise!

For the next couple of days, Vytas and Aras do yoga, play ping pong and watch the sunset together. Aras reveals that he wanted to protect Vytas on Survivor and he feels like he failed. Vytas reveals that he feels like he could have gone further in the game had he played his own game after the merge and not Aras' game. Vytas: "I came into this game knowing Aras is too trusting. For me, not adhering to that...really it was my fault that I was blind to Aras' strategy."

In a post-game confessional, Vytas explains that he's been competitive with Aras since the day his younger brother was born.


Aras arrives at Ponderosa

Aras on Survivor Season 27

Aras Baskauskas, the winner of Survivor: Panama and CEO of a winter hat company, shocks many when he looses the Redemption Island dual and is the first to arrive at camp Ponderosa.

Upon arriving at Ponderosa, castaways must undergo a medical examination. Aras has lost 17 pounds while playing Survivor. "I've lived the full Survivor experience...I've been voted out, blindsided, won," reflects Aras while being examined.

This year, digs at Ponderosa are VERY comfortable. Aras walks into his multi-room chalet, situated right next to the beach, which is a big step up from the usual tent or makeshift cabin castaways usually stay in while at the loser lodge.

"I'm the king of Ponderosa...for at least three days," jokes Aras.

Aras concedes that he probably made a bad move in making "a few too many" alliances. He gives Gervase full credit for his blindside, realizing that Gervase likely turned on him in the game on Day 1.   

Aras spends his time waiting for the next tribal council meditating, and reflecting on how this experience has brought him closer to his brother, Vytas. "I couldn't be more proud of him. I love my brother so much, man."



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