Survivor winner Kim Spradlin: 'Ciera is intoxicated with being on the inside'

Dec 04 2013, 01:40 PM by Kim Spradlin

Dang, last week’s episode was crazy! Lots of upsets! From Laura M. totally screwing Vytas on Redemption Island by coaching Tina to a narrow victory (I get it by the way, but I most certainly was hoping he would pull it out!) to sitting on the edge of my seat all the way to Tribal Council, hoping Hayden and Caleb would somehow pull something off and get through unscathed... last Wednesday night was very suspenseful!

Survivor | Hayden and Ciera

Ciera has had quite the run from tricking Katie to voting her own mother off the tribe, and then of course spilling the beans to Tyson about Caleb and Hayden's plan to take him out! As soon as Hayden and Caleb pulled Ciera aside to try and get her on board, my heart filled with dread. I've suspected that Ciera is so intoxicated with being on the "inside" with Tyson that she has let her desire to belong in a powerful alliance keep her from being able to see that it may not even be the best alliance for her if she wants to win. I'm sure having information this shocking and this important to Tyson was just way too much for Ciera to withhold from him. I bet she couldn't wait to tell Tyson. I don't know that I fault Caleb and Hayden here for choosing her; I'm not sure they had any other options to choose from. However I do wish they would have tried to split the vote or something instead of letting Ciera in on the plan :/

Survivor | Ciera and Tyson

All this drama sure made the challenge super exciting this week because no matter which side you find yourself rootin' for, you are also superhuman if you don't kinda find yourself wanting one of the peeps who choose to forego competing to eat- go home this week.... I think that's just human nature. I also couldn't help but notice that Tyson, Gervase and Ciera were kinda crazy cocky while they ate, which really did shock me. It seemed like poor form to me. I'm sure it's hard to eat chicken thighs while starving and not moan and close your eyes, but surely they could have keep themselves from gloating. I did find myself wanting Hayden to pull this one off and stay safe, but Monica is crazy!! She can't be beat!! This is three individual immunity wins for her so far and there is still a lot of game left to play!

Hayden Moss

A glimmer of hope as we get back to camp... Caleb and Hayden pick up on that Ciera is acting strange. This is so familiar to me; if you're looking, you can often notice subtle changes in people's behavior when they have turned on you. The boys pick up on Ciera’s strange vibes and decide to make another big move. They almost do a really good job of convincing Tyson that Ciera is actually the one that is working him over, almost. This was a great move by Hayden and Caleb as it plays perfectly to Tyson's fear that Ciera is playing this game much harder than people realize and that she is indeed smart and sneaky. I can't tell if they felt bad lying or what, but it feels like they went 90% off the way on this pitch to Tyson but didn't go all the way to sell it. I think they held back on selling Ciera totally out, like saying she came to them with the idea and lied to them to say Tyson wanted them out, etc. Whatever the problem sadly, Tyson didn't quite buy it. Sucky. And then Caleb meets Redemption Island.

It is no doubt the preview for this week that's got everyone talking! It appears Hayden isn't gonna make it easy for anyone this week and lays it all out there. I'm sure Tyson isn't going to enjoy the extra attention.



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