Survivor: Caramoan life at Camp Ponderosa

Apr 24 2013, 10:27 AM by Christine Montgomery

What happens to a Survivor castaway after the tribe has spoken and they've been booted out of the game? That castaway joins the other fallen Survivors who have been blindsided and betrayed at Camp Ponderosa.

From the first jury member onward, we have a full recap of how the Survivor: Caramoan castaways spent their time in limbo at loser-lodge while waiting to cast their jury vote at the final tribal council.

 NOTE: This post will be updated weekly as the season progresses.



*NEW!* Eddie Arrives at Ponderosa

Eddie Survivor - Ponderosa

"The Three Amigos are getting wasted tonight."

Eddie is in good spirits walking away from tribal council. Eddie: "I actually feel pretty good...playing this game was a tonne of fun." After finding out he's lost 20 pounds, Eddie is greeted by his fellow castoffs at Ponderosa.The first person to greet him is Reynold, who gives him a hug and hands him a rum and coke.

Everyone is happy to see Eddie, and he's happy to see them. Eddie waxes on about friendship and compares the experience to his career as a fireman. Eddie: "I'm pretty sure if I survived that tribal council, I had a good shot of winning a million dollars.



*NEW!* Erik Arrives at Ponderosa

Erik Survivor

It's just a regular day at camp Ponderosa, until Michael checks Tree Mail. Michael reads the tree mail note, "Medevac welcomes new jury member." No one can believe this is happening in the final 5.

Phillip suggests it's probably Dawn. Brenda has no words but sits with her mouth gaping. Malcolm: "how do you get medevaced the night of tribal council?" Everyone agrees it's Dawn (who's had a meltdown) or Sherri. Erik arrives at Ponderosa.

"Erik? Noooooo!" the castoffs collectively sigh as the mystery reveals itself. Erik explains that he had a "one time reaction" but had to be taken out in case there were other complications that could happen. Within a couple of hours Erik is cleared, having been told by the doctors "you could probably play the game again if you wanted to, but you can't." Brenda is stunned Erik is out. Erik: "I can really tell Brenda is disheartened. Like, she's so sad."

Erik: "It's a bitter pill to swallow...there was only three freaking days left until a chance at a million dollars, and I might have had a shot at that."



Brenda Lowe arrives at Ponderosa

Brenda Survivor Ponderosa

Brenda: "It's that huge lesson that you learn in like a second, like 'damn, I didn't have control like I thought I did.'"

Brenda arrives at Ponderosa. She's greeted by Phillip: "Brenda, you played a great game...that was f*cked up." Everyone hugs Brenda and agrees that it was really messed up of Dawn to vote her out. Brenda is glad everyone on the jury is on the same page. Brenda: "we're fallen comrades. We're in this together."

Brenda eats some brownies. Reynold tells Brenda she's an "amazing warrior champion." Update: Reynold: "these people are insane!" Brenda has lost 12 or so pounds.

The jury poisoning against Dawn begins. Reynold: "appearances vs. reality with Dawn. What she preaches ain't what she practices." Phillip thinks Dawn has no heart, regardless of the children she's adopted.

Day 2: the castoffs continue to discuss Brenda's controversial blindside elimination. Phillip believes Dawn can't beat Cochran. Brenda saw Dawn as her mother.

Meanwhile, Malcolm has weighed himself. He's put on 17 pounds in six days! Malcolm: "a lot of it's water weight, but a lot of it's cookies and ice cream."



Andrea Boehlke arrives at Ponderosa

Survivor Ponderosa | Andrea

"At tribal council I thought I knew what was going on. I was so focused on blindsiding Brenda -- I thought it was this master plant that I had -- then all of a sudden Jeff starts reading the votes and I get a vote. "

Andrea really didn't mind being voted off Survivor. When all is said and done, she had a blast playing the game and is glad she played the game she played. Andrea arrives at Ponderosa. She has lost 11 pounds. Andrea: "I can eat pancakes!"

Survivor Caramoan Jury

Andrea is greeted by the other castoffs greeted with hugs and warm welcomes. She confesses she was nervous because of her rivalry with Malcolm, but is pleased to see no one at Camp Loser-lodge is feeling bitter. Everyone has let the game go, and there are good vibes all around. Reynold says the worst/best thing I've heard all season: "Ponderosa is!"

Andrea looks in mirror, shocked by her appearance "without" makeup. (writers note: for those who haven't heard of it, there is such thing as semi-permanent makeup, and Andrea definitely knows what I'm talking about.)

Andrea chats with Phillip, who tells her that Cochran always knew she was a threat. Adrea wants Eddie to make it to the end somehow. Andrea reaffirms that she isn't bitter, and had a genuine blast playing the game.



*NEW!* Reynold Toepfer arrives at Ponderosa

Survivor Ponderosa | Reynold

Renold's post game confessional: "I pretty much knew I was going home the night I was going to tribal. The irony is, I wanted to tell Jeff 'this is the first tribal I'm not panicked, because this time I actually know what's going to happen.'"

Reynold is greeted by Malcolm and Michael in the Ponderosa mess hall. He chugs a beer. Reynold has lost 22 pounds playing Survivor.

The jury discusses who they think is getting the boot next. Reynold thinks the Favorites alliance will boot Eddie next to avoid making a big move. Malcolm: "they have to make a move." Phillip joins the conversation, adding that Andrea's smart enough to make a move now, and Cochran is too, but Cochran can sometimes be indecisive.

Day 2: Reynold has settled-in very quickly to life at camp Ponderosa. Reynold: "Ponderosa is all about having fun." We see the jury boys drinking beers, throwing footballs and playing cards. Malcolm: "Being on the jury -- as much as nobody wants to be there -- it is a fun experience once you're out of the game. "

Reynold has decided to rock the mustache look. Reynold: "I'm trying to decide if it looks more 'hon hon hon, bounjour mon ami! I am a french painter!', or, if it looks more like I'm going to shoot a 70s porno. And I think it's the latter." Definitely the latter, Reynold. Definitely the latter.

Tribal council time. Michael hopes something good is going to happen. Phillip: "If I'm Andrea, I'm targeting Dawn. If I'm Dawn, I'm targeting Andrea." Malcolm thinks Eddie is safe tonight, and someone big -- someone who could have potentially won the game -- is going home tonight. Phillip: "I think John Cochran has an excellent chance [of winning]. I think if Dawn and Andrea need get together one more time to get him out of the game, because if he gets into the final, I think on the merits of the way he's played, the strategy he's deployed and being very very likeable, he could well win." Reynold adds that Dawn is a "faux-threat" in the game. The real threats are Andrea or Cochran.



Malcolm Freberg arrives at Ponderosa

Survivor Malcolm Freberg

Malcolm 's post-game confessional: "I actually thought I could win the game, against all odds...I'm proud of the way I played the game, and not because I played the game with honesty or integrity. It's because I played the game hard."

Malcolm thought he had it all figured out, but he was wrong. Walking away from tribal council, Malcolm explains his plan was to get Andrea scared enough to throw a stray vote at one of her alliance-mates. Malcolm felt like he was on the bottom this whole season, having to pull tricks out of his sleeve at every turn to stay in the game.

Malcolm is weighed. He's lost 22 pounds. Finishing back-to-back seasons, Malcolm has lost 20 pounds, gained 22 back, and lost 22 again in the course of only four months. Malcolm: "It's a miracle I don't have stretch marks."

Malcolm is greeted by Michael, who is ready with the beer Malcolm crowed for after being voted out. Phillip lets Malcolm know that he would have voted for him to win the game had he made it to the final. Malcolm: "Phillip is on his best behaviour." Malcolm is pleasantly surprised that Phillip isn't taking Malcolm's coup against him personally. The three castoffs enjoy a nice dinner. 

Phillip: "Anyone who gets to play back-to-back like that deserves what I call a 'worthy warrior embrace.' I will have no bad feelings towards him."

Malcolm @ Ponderosa - Day 2: Malcolm is ready to have a great time at Ponderosa, but he hasn't shook the feeling that he's playing still the game yet. Malcolm: I woke up feeling like I needed to figure out how to not get voted out of Ponderosa. Meanwhile, Michael tells the camera how much he loves chocolate. In an obviously-heavily-edited but still funny sequence, we watch Phillip shooting hoops. Warrior music plays in the background while we watch Special Agent Sheppard miss basket after basket, after basket.  

Ponderosa Tree Mail! Michael and Phillip are surprised when they discover there's tribal council AGAIN tonight! Phillip suspects they'll be joined by a woman tonight. Michael: "Pft. I don't know where he gets that idea! It's one of two people...and they are duudes."

Malcolm fixes up for tribal council. Malcolm, upon seeing his reflection for the first time in 30 days: "I forgot how pretty I am! They don't have mirrors on Survivor, so you don't get that's a comfort to know that I look good no matter what."

Malcolm realizes he hasn't brushed his teeth for 30 days. But after coming to the conclusion that drinking milkshakes>brushing your teeth, he decides if he's gone this long without brushing his teeth, it won't hurt to wait a little longer. 

The boys make their way to tribal council. Malcolm: "these eyes are all I really need out there, so I'm in good shape."



Phillip Sheppard arrives at Ponderosa

Phillip Sheppard - Agent Sheppard at Ponderosa

"Overall, I thought my chances of winning Survivor were slim to none." In a post-game confessional, Phillip gives us all the facts surrounding his elimination, explains how he was voted out for being the biggest threat, and assures us his perception has nothing to do with his ego.

Phillip is weighed and has lost 19 1/2 pounds. Michael and Phillip chat at the mess hall tables. Michael: "that tribal council was a blast...that seriously has got to be one of the top two or three tribal councils of all-time." Phillip reminds Michael that voting him out was the smart thing to do. In a second post-game confessional, Phillip philosophizes about life and happiness. Phillip: "I like to think I get up in the morning to look forward to another day of happiness." Then, in a completely necessary scene, Phillip shaves his beard and reveals the secret behind him behind 54 and still looking this good: "vitamins, drink a lot of water.. and if you're going to drink, stay away from the hard stuff." He adds that the real secret to aging gracefully is, when you get knocked down, always get up at the proper pace.

Meanwhile, Michael has taken up learning the ukelele. He discusses how his opinion of Phillip has changed throughout the game: at first, Michael thought Phillip was a crack-pot. Then after the tribe swap, he realized Phillip is real person who speaks very directly. He's intelligent, he has views on a lot of things. But when Michael started getting wrapped up in Phillip's game, he realized that it's in playing the game where Phillip's craziness sets in.

Pre-tribal council happenings: Phillip thinks Andrea is going home tonight. Michael thinks it's going to be Andrea or one of the Three Amigos. Michael is hoping the Three Amigos pull something together and "stomp on the Favoriotes and make them cry."

Michael: "I want to see Favorite tears!" Phillip: "this is going to be something epic."



Michael Snow arrives at Ponderosa

Michael at Ponderosa Survivor: Caramoan

Michael Snow is the first member of the jury this season, and thus he is the first castaway we follow to camp Ponderosa. He's disappointed about being voted out, but not angry. Michael: "those ding dongs voted me out."

Castaways must undergo a medical examination upon arriving at Ponderosa. Michael gets weighed-- he's lost 21 pounds. Michael: "when you're starving, you're grateful for any little bit of rice." Michael shaves his beard and his head, effectively making him look even more like the electronic music artist Moby.

The next couple of days for Michael are spent loafing about, enjoying camp Ponderosa. Michael: "I want to walk into tribal council with like, a sandwich and a beer." Michael goes swimming and waxes on not taking life for granted. He prepares for tribal council. Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie are in tight spots, and Michael hopes one of them has won immunity. Then we see some random footage of Michael wearing a bucket hat while holding a beer and dancing like a man-noodle for the camera. In the next scene, we find out Michael's biggest fear is approaching tribal council:

"As long as it's not Phillip. Just give me a couple people people as a buffer so it's not just me and Phillip in Ponderosa for the next three days! That would just be the cruelest Survivor joke of all.



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