Survivor Castaway Katie Hanson

Oct 30 2012, 04:23 PM by Christine Montgomery

After a 4/1 vote against her, former Miss Delaware Katie Hanson was the most recent castaway voted out of Survivor: Philippines. In a recent interview with, Katie Hanson discussed her elimination, a now infamous rice trade, and why Jeff Probst was such a bully to her.

Survivor Castaway Katie Hanson 

Jeff Probst commented of your weaknesses during a lot of challenges. Do you think his stirring of the pot contributed to your elimination?  

I think it definitely had an impact. Especially watching the show, so many people have said "oh my god, what did you do to piss him off?" And I was like "I have no idea!"... I think he didn't want me on the show anymore! He made it pretty clear by calling me out in all of those challenges!


How close was your tribe to voting Penner out instead of you? 

It's hard to tell, being that the editors do such an amazing job. But honest to god, I definitely think they were considering it...But for the most part, they didn't know when a merge was gonna come, so they said "o.k., what do we do? Do we keep Katie around and potentially lose someone else, or, do we stay strong and let the weak link go?"


In retrospect, was the rice trade a good idea? 

I think in the long run absolutely not! But at the time, we were absolutely hungry, and if you think about it, Tandang has won so many opportunities of food. They've won steak, they won all these desserts, and coffee, and they just had this extra boost on us. Once a tribe starts winning that kinda thing it's hard to compete with them when all you have to fuel you is rice -- and for the better part of the time, dried rice -- so how much nourishment are you really getting? But at the same time, long run, definitely bad decision.


Were you surprised that some members of the Tandang tribe weren't pleased with the rice trade either?  

No. Standing there, Artis, he's very vocal. That also opened my eyes to see [the Tandang] tribe isn't as unified as they seem. We just started to see the cracks that existed within the tribe, and being that there was a merge coming, it's like "o.k. well, where do I want to go?"

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Carter's name was at the top of the women's alliance. Was he a threat or was he just the easiest person to vote out first? 

He had like nothing going on! He didn't have much to say, he was kinda irritating at times... So, by eliminating him, it's not like you're pissing too many people off except for Jeff, and then Jeff realizes that he's really on the way out.


If you weren't playing this season, who do you think you would've been rooting for? 

A personality that I really like on TV and in person is Denise. She's a very, very likeable character -- I guess being a therapist you have to be! And being that she survived a tribe that just totally collapsed, and now she's on a new tribe and she's still surviving. I want to root for her. People I know from back home watching the show, they all love Denise because she's just so positive, and she's a thinker, and she's an athlete. There's really nothing bad to say about her.


If you played Survivor again with the same cast, and you were allowed to pick your dream tribe, who would be on it? 

Well, I would definitely have to put my girls [Dana Lambert, Sarah Dawson] on there because there's a guarantee that we'd align together. But I would also probably put Skupin -- he's been very, very good to his tribe. I would love Penner -- he definitely helped us win. And I would say Denise, because that would finish the alliance, and you'd have an all girls alliance.





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