Survivor Castaway Jeff Kent

Nov 13 2012, 03:36 PM by Christine Montgomery

It's the top of the merge, alliances loaded, with one Survivor: Philippines castaway sitting on the jury. Bad-ball hitter Jonathan Penner steps up to bat and, surprising everyone, bullets a home run and wins individual immunity. Castaways are now scrambling in last minute pow wows to find a new target for elimination, and the Tandang team's gaze falls onto unsuspecting Kalabaw ace Jeff Kent.

Following a tribal council more bizarre than a hidden ball trick, former MLB second baseman Jeff Kent became the latest castaway voted out of the Survivor: Philippines. interviews Jeff Kent about sports, Survivor, and his elimination from the game.  

Survivor Castaway Jeff Kent 

A lot of people have said they'd love to watch an all-pro athlete season of Survivor. If such a season existed, would you play? 

(Laughs) That's what I was hoping for the first go around! I was kept in the dark about what was going to happen for the season and what contestants would be on there, but you bet! I'd love that, that would be great.


In a fantasy season of Survivor with all pro athletes, whom of your former teammates or competitors would make good castaways? 

Geeze, I've had so many teammates in the past. Hmm, who are the key connivers out there? Nobody's ever asked me that before, that's tough! I think everybody's made a reference to Bonds and some of the bigger athletes, but maybe I'd go with guys from the Giants. Maybe J.T. Snow or Rich Aurilia maybe -- back in the day when I was with him in the early 90's. Maybe Kirk Rueter too. Those are the guys who come to mind.


What sport do you think would yield the best Survivor castaways? 

It's gotta be the baseball players. You hang around with athletes all day long. You play for eight months out of the year, longer than anybody else does. I would think that with the social game, the baseball players would be able to get to the end of the game vs. the basketball players or the football guys.


Who would say is responsible for your elimination? 

Skupin, for sure. I think we had the votes when we were all sitting there at tribal council, and I had tried to work some opportunities with Skupin prior to tribal council. At tribal council, Penner popped up and said "o.k., so can all six of us vote together?" Skupin nodded his head yes, and then Skupin obviously did not vote the way he said.

Survivor Castaway Jeff Kent 


At what point did you realize you were a target? 

About fifteen minutes before I went home! The harassment of my name didn't happen until about fifteen before we had to go to tribal council. So, I was scrambling trying to save my rear end, but I guess it just didn't work out.There was no conversation, there were no hints related to me getting kicked out. So I was in shock when that it happened. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out where these votes came from.


Early in the season you injured your knee. Have you made a full recovery yet? 

It's still sore. It was a pretty big tear in the ligament, and it's gonna take a while for it to heal. But it's getting there, I'm feeling better.


How did you manage to pretend that you weren't injured for 20 days?  

You know, it hurt pretty good. But one thing I've been able to do over my baseball career is play with injuries. So if you want to play, and play well, then you're gonna have to play with injuries. So I was used to it. I was used to the pain, and I knew I had to be careful with it. I knew that I could only do certain things in order for it to be stable, so I protected it that way.


As a member of the jury, what will you be looking for in a winner? 

It's simple. I'll be asking who earned the money...who played the best game, who worked hard, who socialized the best, who pulled great moves out there to scheme and connive. Who earned that title?


Is there anything special you'd like to say to your Canadian fans? 

You know, my first big league baseball season was in Toronto, and I had a great time up in Canada. One of these days maybe I'll get a chance to travel back there and some people will recognize me from Survivor and not as a baseball player.




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