Who is the Survivor: Philippines Jury Voting For?

Dec 14 2012, 05:49 PM by Christine Montgomery

There are only a couple days left until the season finale of Survivor: Philippines airs Sunday at 8.30 et/pt, and it's time to make some predictions about who will be the last man (or woman!) standing. Stay tuned for our GlobalTV.com predictions post. Until then, to help you place your bets, we've asked all the jury members what factors went into decision before placing their vote for sole survivor.


RC Saint-Amour 

Who is RC voting for?"I don't know, Michael's playing this game like "as long as I'm not being targeted then I'm happy" but he just sent his strongest ally member off the jury without even thinking twice. Or thinking how it was going to affect me. And he also voted for Penner. So, he just has two stones thrown against him in the future. So, to me, that's also a dumb, dumb move. I don't know how he's sitting there saying "yeah, that was the brilliant move of the century that I did that" so his position I think is very questionable in the game... I thought he was a very loyal person. I think people are questioning that right now."


Jeff Kent 

Who is Jeff voting for?"It's simple. I'll be asking who earned the money...who played the best game, who worked hard, who socialized the best, who pulled great moves out there to scheme and connive. Who earned that title?"


Artis Silvester 

Who is Artis voting for?"Actually, my thought process is this: by the time it comes down to vote, there is absolutely nothing from anybody that's playing the game, who's left, would've been able to show me that could sway my vote. I've seen everything that I've needed to see. There's nothing else that I could say or do. At that point in time, there will be nothing they can do to swing my vote."


Peter Yurkowski 

Who is Pete voting for?"I don't want somebody who just coasts around the whole time. I want somebody's who's been playing the entire game. Even if -- you can find out if someone's been making alliances and actually playing. Somebody who's actually playing, not just sitting there in bushes, and pops out last minute and then claims victory. I don't think that's very fair. It's like the movie Role Models!"


Jonathan Penner 

Who is Penner voting for?"If I said, I'd probably end up giving away who I voted for. The factors are who played ultimately the best game given what they were facing. Whether they voted me off or worked with me or against me, I tried not to put that into my factoring, although I probably couldn't help but be tainted by it a little bit. If somebody really chased me around with a knife, it was probably hard for me to vote for them, but I'd like to think I was objective and chose the person who objectively played the best game."


Carter Williams 

Who is Carter voting for?"I'm looking for how well they played the game. My game was a pretty physical game, so obviously I like people who can compete in the challenges and contributed to camp. But also, I think the common theme in Survivor now, is "how well did they play the overall game?" We've seen Russell (Russell Hantz, Survivor: Samoa, Heroes vs. villains, Redemption Island), he played a really good game, but everyone was so upset that nobody voted for him, and somebody who probably didn't deserve it won. That's the craziest thing, is that there are hurt feelings out there, and there are people who feel betrayed, so it really makes a difference in the game, who you vote for."


Abi-Maria Gomes 

Who is Abi-Maria voting for?"To me, as a member of the jury, I'm not going to vote for someone because I like them. I'm looking for a strategy, you know? That's basically what it is. How did they play the game basically... I like big moves, but also, someone that's been through a lot and is still there. If I tell you too much I'll give away!"



The season finale of Survivor: Philippines airs Sunday at 8.30 et/pt.