Tale of the Torch: December 5

Dec 05 2012, 01:00 AM by John Powell

Welcome to the home of John Powell's 'Survivor: One World' predictions (Tale of the Torch), his episode recaps and interviews. Come back to find out who he thinks will be voted out and track the progress of each player.


Episode 12: "Shot into Smithereens"


On the next 'Survivor': "During an emotional family reunion, an exciting reward challenge enables castaways to join forces with their loved ones. Meanwhile, at a secret meeting, an alliance devises a plan to get rid of their biggest threat."


Episode 12: Boot Prediction


Powell's Pick Ratio: 7 / 10



Carter Williams

We have been barking up the wrong tree lately so it is time to get back on track. With Abi having no alliance partners and no Hidden Immunity Idol to support her, she is hardly a threat any longer. She can be picked off at any time. Meanwhile, Carter has proven he can do well during challenges. Denise, Malcolm, Michael and Lisa bump him off instead of Abi as they can control her vote for another week.



New Tribe



Denise Stapley

Her alliance with Malcolm could very well be one of the strongest of the entire season, if they can make that all-important merger. As a therapist, Denise has all the skills to read and peg people in an accurate and distinctive manner.


Carter Williams

Coaches tend to do well at Survivor. His outgoing personality and strategic mind may keep him safe for some time.


Malcolm Freberg

His alliance with Denise could be the one to beat. He bills himself as the next Russell Hantz and if so, he will either crash and burn or carried along because of his bad reputation with the other players.


Lisa Whelchel

She needs to start playing the game and making some moves. If she can bond with Michael, she may have a chance. An actress and die-hard fan of Survivor.


Abi-Marie Gomes

She has the Hidden Immunity Idol and another strong pairing in the game with Pete.


Michael Skupin

With so much to prove and a Survivor legacy haunting him, he will be the most determined. A charismatic leader, Michael is sure to build a strong alliance around himself.






Jonathan Penner

Not part of the core alliance, a returning player.


Pete Yurkowski

Too much of a plotter.


Artis Silvester

Not ever part of the core alliance.


Jeff Kent

His alliance turned on him.


RC Saint Amour

The second boot choice after Jonathan played the Hidden Immunity Idol.



Loser Lodge



Katie Hansan

The male alliance at Kalabaw took her out.


Sarah Dawson

The male alliance at Kalabaw targeted her.


Dana Lambert

Became sick and had to leave the game for medical reasons.



Russell Swan

Not part of the Malcolm, Denise alliance.


Angie Layton

Not very strong when it came to challenges, Denise wanted to strengthen her bond with Malcolm.


Roxy Morris

With no support tried to take out Angie and Malcolm.


Zane Knight

Made too many alliances right out of the gate.