Survivor: Philippines life at Camp Ponderosa

Dec 11 2012, 06:28 PM by Christine Montgomery

Survivor: Philippines, life at Ponderosa


What happens to a Survivor castaway after the tribe has spoken and they've been booted out of the game? That castaway joins the other fallen Survivors who have been defeated, blindsided and betrayed at camp Ponderosa.

From the first jury member onward, we have a full recap on how the Survivor: Philippines castaways spent their time with each other at loser lodge leading up to the final tribal council. Read on to find out about RC's bitter animosity towards her former Tandang tribemates, Jeff Kent's absolute misery after being voted out, and how Jonathan Penner explained the rules of Summer Camp 101 to teach the other booted castaways about getting along.


RC Saint-Amour arrives at Ponderosa

Post-merge Ponderosa happenings begin when RC is voted out of the game, becoming the first member of the Survivor: Philippines jury. Cameras flip from tribal council to RC POV: RC is laughing, and prophesying the doom of the Tangang tribe. RC is proud of the game she played and glad she stayed true to who she was despite playing with some "unsavory characters." RC arrives at the Ponderosa camp. Ponderosa is sort of set up like summer camp, consisting of a small cluster cabins and rec rooms. Here's a low res look at the Survivor: Philippines Ponderosa camp:

The Ponderosa camp of Survivor: Philippines

The first thing all castways must do after arriving at Ponderosa is go for a medical examination. During the examination the castway will find out how much weight they've lost while in the game. RC has lost five pounds while on Survivor. That's about fifteen pounds less than most castways lose after 20 days on the Survivor diet. We find out from RC that she actually gained ten pounds while preparing for Survivor. Essentially, this means RC's Survivor experience ultimately resulted in a five pound weight gain.

RC looks in a mirror for the first time in 20 days. RC: "Oh my God, my eye brows! I thought I was actually looking good out there, but I'm not at all."

RC Saint-Amour at Ponderosa

RC loves to talk. She talks to the camera about eating Doritos, to the crew members about how awful the Tandang tribe was to her, and to herself about how nice it is to sleep in a real bed and shower. With no other castaways present, not much else happens that's really that exciting.

It's RC's third day at Ponderosa, which means it's time for her first tribal council as a member of the jury. RC tells the camera how excited she is to wear her heels and make everyone jealous because she's looking so fine. RC lays down her predictions for tribal council: either Michael or Penner will be voted out. However, if it happens to be Abi-Maria, RC quips that they're going to need security at Ponderosa. Now that she's out of the game, RC isn't afraid of really giving Abi a piece of her mind.


Jeff Kent arrives at Ponderosa

Jeff: "When Jeff Probst pulled the ninth vote out of the jar, he looked directly at Pete. And I knew it was me.

Taking the walk of shame away from tribal council, Jeff Kent is still dumbfounded about what just went down at tribal. Upon arriving at camp, Jeff is immediately greeted with a big hug from RC. Jeff wastes no time in telling RC it was a mistake to vote her out. He's sorry he did it, and according to Jeff, after RC left "nobody wanted to play the game anymore. Everybody just wanted to sit back and let it all happen."

Jeff has lost 22 pounds while on Survivor. Jeff looks in the mirror and can't believe how long his hair is. Jeff: "Man, I look like a caveman."

RC and Jeff try to make sense of what happened at tribal council. RC assumes (wrongly) that Carter turned of Jeff. RC finds out Skupin wasn't actually on her side. Meanwhile, RC, still bitter about her exit from the game, confesses she does not feel sorry for Jeff. By voting her out, RC believes Jeff screwed himself. RC: "he made his own bed, go lie in it."

The next few days for Jeff Kent pass by with RC continually rehashing how her being voted out screwed pretty much everyone else in the game, and Jeff seeming progressively more annoyed about the non-stop chatter. Jeff: "RC likes to talk a lot...but she's a good girl." Jeff Kent is pretty amazing to watch throughout his time at Ponderosa: he essentially hates his life and makes Ponderosa seem like it's the worst kind of torture.

Jeff Kent at Ponderosa

We're approaching Jeff Kent's first tribal council as a member of the jury. Jeff is hoping it will be Pete voted out. RC thinks it's going to be Penner. Jeff: "I have a feeling the majority of the people still there right now have no idea what they're doing, and I think I did...when all those other knuckleheads get here, I'm gonna slap them on the side of the head."


Artis Silvester arrives at Ponderosa

Artis is walking away from tribal council. Artis: "Anybody leaving [this game] who doesn't have a smile on their face, they didn't take advantage of the opportunity which was presented before them. It was a brilliant move [to eliminate me] because, had I not gone home today, things would have really gotten shaken up."

Artis makes his way into camp Ponderosa. He walks past RC is the mess hall. RC totally snubs him.

Artis has lost 19 pounds while playing the game. He looks in the mirror for the first time in twenty five days: "twenty five days of not looking at yourself? You are delusional! You think you know what you look like. But when I saw myself in the mirror, I was like 'who the hell is that? I look worse than the worst homeless dude living on the street.'"

Back to RC's point of view. RC tells the camera she feels "a tinge of jealousy" that Skupin flipped alliances to vote out Artis, but not to save her from elimination. RC is also mad because Jeff Kent and Artis are using the common area TV room, which she totally claimed as her own massive private bedroom before they arrived.

Tribal council is approaching. Artis: Penner has full control of the game. Artis predicts either Malcolm or Lisa will be going home, or maybe Pete. Artis: "I will be seriously surprised if Malcolm comes home."

Artis Silvester at Ponderosa

Meanwhile, Jeff Kent continues to be miserable in this prison they call Ponderosa. Jeff: "I hope those other people get something out of tribal council because I sure don't." RC is hoping someone will be voted out who can entertain her, because Jeff isn't much of a conversationalist and she is still snubbing Artis.


Pete Yurkowski arrives at Ponderosa

Pete is frustrated about being voted out at tribal council. But at least he gave it his all: he presented the tribe with a great option to make a big move, but "the six of them just wanted to play campfire and sing songs until the end."

Pete is weighed. He lost 20 pounds while in the game. Pete: "nature just slaps you around. It's pretty funny to see yourself."

Pete reunites with his former alliance member, Artis. Pete thinks it's pretty cool that he could have such a strong bond with Artis despite their age difference. Artis knew it was either going to be Pete or Malcolm going home. Artis: "Penner's playing the show. Playing people like a freaking yo-yo"

RC spots Pete and the dining hall and immediately confronts him. RC (to Pete): "That tribal council [where you were voted out] was great from where I was sitting."

RC then asks Pete if he regrets on day 7 when RC asked Pete to fix their tribe and Pete didn't. Pete doesn't seem to understand why RC wants to talk about day 7. Pete: "I would have worked with you, but you were just too crazy about wanting to talk strategy the whole time." RC waxes on, despite Pete's indifference. RC accuses Pete of ruining Tandang's chances of dominating the game as a united tribe. Pete rebuts by reminding RC that she was the one who would spend every immunity challenge chatting up the castaways on the other tribe. RC says nothing to Pete, and then says to the camera: "I'm trying to be nice. There's a lot I could say, but I'm trying to be nice...Kinda like I was on the island."

Pete Yurkowski at Ponderosa

Pete wonders if they're going to send Abi home next tribal council, or "actually grow some balls and send Malcolm home." Pete can't believe how easily Malcolm's coasted his way this far without having to use his immunity idol. Meanwhile, Artis is pissed off that RC has taken over the TV room. Basically at this point, no one except Artis and Pete are really talking to each other.

It's almost time for tribal council. Artis: "If Abi gets kicked out, camp life at Ponderosa is going to be explosive. It's like RC's just sitting there chopping at the bit, just waiting for Abi to come so she can explode." RC tells the camera she's wearing her "bohemian chic" outfit, inspired by Abi, to celebrate Abi being voted out.


Jonathan Penner arrives at Ponderosa

Jonathan Penner at Ponderosa

For a third time in his Survivor career, Penner is taking the long walk to Ponderosa. Penner, on being voted out: "I had an ice cube's chance in hell that my arguments would have swayed one of the two people they were aimed at."

RC greets Penner. She's upset he's been voted out, because he's the only one she would have wanted to give her vote to. However, RC's also happy there's finally someone at Ponderosa who wants to have fun. RC: "He's a fellow New Yorker. He's someone my speed. Penner is definitely going to spice things up."

Penner is weighed. He lost 24 pounds. Unlike the other castaways, Penner doesn't seem too concerned with the length of his beard or his physique. Penner: "This is a good weight for me. I look younger. I look great."

Everyone seems pretty happy that Penner has arrived. Penner almost immediately dissolves the tension in the group. Pete: "Penner's a good guy. He's sarcastic, he's funny." Pete's happy he now has someone to drink with. Jeff Kent update: still completely miserable.

RC redirects her energy from Pete back to Artis. Does Artis really think it's fun to be cruel to other people? Artis: "I don't give a flying f*ck". Pete is not sure why RC needs an apology. Sitting together in a round table discussion, a crew member plays group therapist and suggests the tension the former Tandang tribe is experiencing might just be a hidden desire to connect with one another.

Penner begins blending drinks and everyone seems happier now that he's around. RC: "Dr.Penner is helping making Ponderosa a happier place for all." Penner, on the other hand, is completely baffled by how poorly everyone was getting along before he arrived. Penner: "We're on a paid vacation essentially. If you're not having fun what the hell is wrong with you?" Penner brings everyone together through group meals and Monopoly games. Penner: "these are simple life skills,it's not like I'm pulling rabbits out of my ass here, this is just summer camp 101".

It's just before the next tribal council, and life is getting better for everyone at Ponderosa. Pete: "We're starting to jell as jury. We don't have to hate each other." RC, again, hopes the next person voted out is someone she can "vibe" with. Pete thinks it's going to be Abi or Carter going home, and Carter might pull " an Ozzy" and go on an immunity run until he reaches the final three. Penner's ready to have fun at tribal council. He's pissed he isn't going to win, but is mostly fine with that.


Carter Williams arrives at Ponderosa

Carter is voted out of Survivor: Philippines. His first words upon leaving tribal council: "I'm so ready for some food!"

Upon entering camp Ponderosa, Carter is greeted heartily by Penner. Penner: "I'm very sorry to see you my brother, I really am." Then someone (presumably Pete) yells from off camera: "They're a bunch of weenies!"

Carter is weighed. He lost 18 pounds.

Carter is pretty stoked about the reception he's received so far at Ponderosa. Carter: "This embrace is awesome. Seriously." Carter is glad people are happy to see him despite the fact that he played a part in voting them out.

Thanks to Penner, everyone is eating together at the same table now. In 24 hours, Carter eats to entire boxes of cereal.

Meanwhile, Jeff is still sulking, although he is probably in a better mood now that his closest friend in the game, Carter, has arrived. RC: "Jeff won't be in any of the pictures because he's not happy to be at Ponderosa". Now that the Tandang drama has been somewhat resolved, RC redirects her qualms to being the only female at Ponderosa.

It's almost time for tribal council. Carter believes the alliance of four will stay strong and Abi will be sent home. Artis: "If Malcolm has the immunity idol, game over." Carter isn't looking forward to tribal council. He's still bummed about losing the immunity challenge "by what felt like inches."


Abi-Maria Gomes arrives at Ponderosa

It's the moment we've all been waiting for, Abi-Maria has finally arrived at Ponderosa! Before the gloves come off and RC finally gets what she's been waiting fifteen days for - a chance to confront Abi - here's what Abi had to say about her exit:

"I'm really not sad, I'm actually glad that I made it this far. I'm just surprised that people hated me so much... It's going to be really hard for me to vote for someone, because I think the people left are big hypocrites."

Abi-Maria arrives at Ponderosa. She hugs Peter, then Penner, then Carter, ect. Even Mr. Grumps Jeff Kent gives Abi a hug and looks relatively happy to see her. Abi turns to RC: "Hi RC!" RC looks away. Snubbed.

Jeff Kent seems to be in better spirits by the time Abi's arrived. Maybe having his old alliance pal, Carter, has cheered him up. Jeff (to Abi): "You know, that was a pretty good effort. In your own way, you tried."

RC vs. Abi, Round #1: RC informs Abi that Pete planted the immunity idol into RC's bag. RC: "So I didn't betray you. You betrayed me." Abi-Maria absently says "ohhhh" and turns to Carter, attempting to start a conversation. RC: "What? No apology?" Abi-Maria apologizes, sincerely. She's sorry for hurting RC's feelings. RC: "you didn't hurt me feelings. You didn't listen to me. You didn't let me explain myself, which is why we're all sitting here."

After having a beer and fighting RC, Abi-Maria has her medical examination. She lost 13 pounds. Abi has a shower and goes back to the mess hall for more drinks. By the end of the night, she's holding Carter's hand, trying to convince him to keep drinking with her while Carter really just wants to go to bed. Carter promises they'll party together later and goes to bed. Abi: "I like partying hard." Abi waxes on about how the Survivor experience changed her perspective, then with another beer in hand, goes to bed.

Abi-Maria at Ponderosa

RC vs. Abi, Round #2: Abi, Artis, and RC are sitting together in the mess hall. Abi wants to know if RC will ever accept her apology. Artis says "y'all work this out" and gets the hell out of there before the bombs begin to drop. RC recites the speech she has been no doubt practicing for the past fifteen days, waiting for Abi to show up at Ponderosa:

RC: "you're as nasty as the day is long. You are not a nice person, and quite honestly, you asked me if I hate you? I don't hate you. I pity you for the life that you live. You are quite honestly the most disgusting player to ever play this game. So no. I told you not to talk to me the first night. I told you not to talk to me the second night. And you still talk to me. I don't get it, you're like a broken record. You're going to be utterly embarrassed of yourself when this comes out. Utterly embarrassed. And if you're thinking that I'm crazy, then you have no idea what you've done and how you've acted. "

Abi retorts. She is not embarrassed. She was playing a game, and there are many different layers to her personality. RC and Abi argue over whether or not Abi is improving the energy or sucking it. Pete walks by in the background, and mimes putting a bullet into his brain. Later, RC continues to reflect on how much she hates Abi. Pete thinks RC is just pissed that she lost the game. Carter mentions how much he appreciates and likes everyone at Ponderosa.

RC and Abi at Ponderosa

Pre-tribal happenings: Penner thinks if Denise wins immunity, the smart thing to do will be to take out Malcolm. If Malcolm wins immunity, the smart play will be to take Denise out. RC: "obviously there's a 2-2 split between Tandang and the old Matsing. But there is one player that was also Tandang, and that was Malcolm. So who's his loyalty to? Is it Tandang, or is it to Denise?" The general consensus at Ponderosa seems to be that either Malcolm or Denise should turn on each other and vote the other one out.


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