Survivor Castaway Carter Williams

Dec 12 2012, 03:43 PM by Christine Montgomery

An eternal fan favourite for those of us who love a lighthearted castaway, Carter Williams played an under-the-radar game until he was the last man standing of the Kalabaw tribe. He was athletic and well-liked: a recipe otherwise known as the kiss of death when the other castaways, in Carters own words, begin to "smell the million dollars." We interviewed Carter to find out about his greatest moments we never saw and TV, and what he'll be thinking about when he casts his vote for the sole survivor. 

Survivor Castaway Carter Williams 

Last episode, Lisa and Skupin were saying your Survivor strategy was similar to how Jesus would play the game. Then, they voted you out on the pretext that you too much of a threat because everyone liked you. So I suppose you left on a pretty good note. Was it fairly painless for you to watch your elimination episode? 

No, it actually was still was pretty painful. (Malcolm, Denise, Skupin and Lisa) had a final four alliance pretty strong, then all of a sudden you saw that Lisa and Skupin wanted to put me in the final three. The only thing that needed to not happen was Malcolm winning immunity, and he did win immunity. So to know that I was that close, and that our immunity challenge was literally inches apart. To watch that and to know that my shot at a million dollars went out the window from that challenge was really, really tough to handle.

I didn't see people bashing me or talking bad about me, so that was o.k. I got to hold my head up high, and I realized I went out more as a threat then a disliked person or as a villain. But it was still painful because I felt like I had contributed a lot to that tribe.


Why didn't Lisa and Skupin ask themselves what would Carter do? and vote with their hearts instead of their heads?  

Yeah, exactly! (Laughs) I think at that point, people are smelling the million dollars. They're so close, and there's only six days left, so they're starting to say "o.k., we're close to a million dollars, and this kid is really good at challenges, he's really liked by almost everyone on the jury. Why risk it? Abi's an easy vote out." That kinda solidified their alliance, no matter how far they take [Abi], they're going to be o.k.


What did you make of not getting a lot of screen time this season?  

Not getting a lot of screen time, that definitely has been a bummer. But when we left the island, Penner was like "you have to make as many memories as you can before the show starts, because she show is going the show what happened through a different perspective. So, you need to remember how it was through your eyes." And I guess I did kinda hang low.

Survivor Castaway Carter Williams at Tribal Council 

Are there any moments we didn't see that you wish we had? 

Yeah, there were certain strategic scenes. You know, people ask me "did you have a strategy out there?" And yeah, of course I did. I thought me, Penner, and Skupin were tight in our final three. Even if I would have been in their final four I would have been o.k. with that, because I would take me over them any day in a challenge. The difference between my game and a lot of people's games is that if I had a plan, I would stick to it and be quiet.

And the other thing is, we had a lot of fun out there, I had a lot of fun. Malcolm and Peter became my friends, I got to know Lisa Whelchel on a really deep level, me and Skupin were obviously friends, and then Penner, we'd stay up laughing and talking and having good times... I liked when they showed some of the reward challenges and we were laughing and having fun. Like that scene where I'm feeding Malcolm grapes, or when we're dancing with local kids. That was like, so fun.


Your mom did really well in the family visit reward challenge. Has she ever thought about applying for Survivor?  

She's the reason I tried out for Survivor! I've been telling her for years: "mom, you need to be on Survivor. Mom, you need to be on Survivor..." I mean, she can do thirty pull-ups unbroken, and one-handed handstands, she's just a phenomenal athlete and woman. She's a lot like Denise, actually. I was saying for so long "mom, you've gotta get on it" but she wouldn't try out. So, finally I was "o.k, I'm gonna send in a tape, just because you won't" and I ended up getting on. I tell her all the time, "mom, I got your spot, you should have been on this season." But at least in a small way, she got to be a big part of my season.


As a member of the jury, what qualities are you looking for in a winner? 

I'm looking for how well they played the game. My game was a pretty physical game, so obviously I like people who can compete in the challenges and contributed to camp. But also, I think the common theme in Survivor now, is "how well did they play the overall game?" We've seen Russell (Russell Hantz, Survivor: Samoa, Heroes vs. villains, Redemption Island), he played a really good game, but everyone was so upset that nobody voted for him, and somebody who probably didn't deserve it won. That's the craziest thing, is that there are hurt feelings out there, and there are people who feel betrayed, so it really makes a difference in the game, who you vote for.


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