Survivor Castaway Abi-Maria Gomes

Dec 14 2012, 04:52 PM by Christine Montgomery

Survivor villains come in all shapes and sizes. Taking home the title this season, was the pint-sized Brazilian seemingly unable to control her strong feelings, Abi-Maria Gomes. Several face palms later, the people watching at home finally saw Abi-Maria voted out of the top five in a unanimous vote. Abi-Maria chats with about the enemies she made on the island and makes a claim that it was all in the name of strategy.

Survivor Castaway Abi-Maria Gomes 

Would you call yourself the villain of the season?  

That's pretty clear, right?


How does it feel to be a Survivor villain?  

When it comes to the game of Survivor, being called the villain of the season, that's an honour! It's a devilish game, you're gonna have to back-stab people, everyone who plays is going to have to go against their morals.


Convincing people they should take you to the jury because no one will ever give you their vote is one of the oldest Survivor tricks in the book. While you were trying to convince Skupin and Lisa to bring you with them to the finals, did you secretly believe you could convince the jury to give you a million dollars?  

Absolutely! You know, the way I was looking at the game wasn't being likeable. I wasn't liked. Towards the end, I was going to give a huge argument about how I played strategically.


Give us your jury speech right now!  

Oh, you're putting me on the spot! Um, you know, I was going to bring up my injury - I got injured day 1, I tore my ACL - that's why I did so poorly at challenges. And I wasn't talking about my injury at all. I mean, I complained a couple of times, but I didn't make it a big deal, when it was actually a big deal. I was in pain constantly. So, I was going to bring that up, I was going to bring up the fact that I was the unliked one, and that was all strategy. A couple of other things that right now I just can't think of, but basically strategy.

Survivor Castaway Abi-Maria at tribal council 

What caused your bad relationship with Denise? 

I think after the merge when RC was there too, I think (RC) probably brainwashed a lot of people before she got voted out!

I've been watching the Ponderosa videos, and it's pretty amazing just how much RC still hates you after the game is over.  

Oh my goodness I know! She literally like hates me. All of her exit interviews, all she does is bash about me. I have no relationship with her whatsoever. I tried apologizing to her at Ponderosa, but it's pretty clear that she's not having it. And the way she's been behaving after the game, it doesn't make me want to keep apologizing. She told me she thinks I'm the worst human being on Earth!


Have you noticed any changes in your everyday life since being on Survivor?  

Yeah, definitely. I appreciate the little things in life a lot more now. I pay attention to little things. And as far as my personality goes, I was very abrasive in my approach, so I'm trying to chill out a little!

As a member of the jury what qualities are you looking for in a winner?  

To me, as a member of the jury, I'm not going to vote for someone because I like them. I'm looking for a strategy, you know? That's basically what it is. How did they play the game basically... I like big moves, but also, someone that's been through a lot and is still there. If I tell you too much I'll give away!


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