Episode 13: And The Final Four Are...

Dec 13 2012, 01:00 AM by John Powell


By John Powell - GlobalTV.com 


Survivor: Philippines has its final four. After 36 days, Denise Stapley, ex-child star Lisa Whelchel, Malcolm Freberg and returnee Michael Skupin will battle it out on this Sunday’s finale for the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. It is a showdown between the final two Tandang Alliance members and the final two Matsing Alliance members.

Abi-Maria Gomes, the aggravating business student from L.A., took her bitter attitude to a whole new level and joined the rest of the jury after a unanimous Tribal Council vote. At having finally getting rid of Abi, Michael Skupin danced his way out of the Tribal Council area with delight.

As she had done the last episode, Abi tried to con everyone into thinking she still had a Hidden Immunity Idol but nobody was buying what she was selling. When Malcolm, holder of a REAL Hidden Immunity Idol won Individual Immunity, it was game over for Abi. Fearing Malcolm would give one of his immunities to his alliance partner Denise, Michael and Lisa really had nobody else to vote for. Even if they wanted to keep Abi around for the jury vote, they couldn’t.

In a last ditch effort to sell herself as the perfect jury opponent, Abi attacked Michael.

”You are an idiot,” she hissed saying Michael and Lisa had no chance at winning the game if they voted her off and not Denise. “You are a moron.”

In her goodbye, Abi, who has lived in both the United States and Brazil, once again claimed the other players just didn’t understand her because of cultural differences.

The finale of Survivor: Philippines airs this Sunday on Global at 8:30 pm EDT. It will be followed by the reunion show at 10:30 pm EDT. Check back on Sunday morning for our finale predictions.

Dangrayne Tribe – Night 33

Everyone celebrates the fact that they are the final five. Abi thanks the tribe for voting off Carter and keeping her instead.

”I am in awe,” says Abi. “I am over the moon.”

Lisa feels bad they had to vote Carter out. He was a great guy. It doesn’t seem fair but the Survivor game isn’t fair. Lisa would rather sit beside someone she can beat at Tribal Council rather than someone who “deserves” to be there because they are a decent person.

Malcolm says Lisa revealed where her head is at during the last Tribal Council. He knows she is a dangerous player.


Dangrayne Tribe – Day 34

Abi doesn’t hide the fact that she is heading out into the jungle to check on her Hidden Immunity Idol. When she leaves, everyone has a good laugh. Nobody believes she actually has one. If so, she would have used it at the last Tribal Council as she was so surprised they had voted to keep her.

Abi’s goal is to destroy the Malcolm – Denise Alliance. When she is alone with Lisa, Abi insists Lisa is at the bottom of the pecking order. Lisa doesn’t believe her but wants to keep this enemy really close.

Reward Challenge

 reward 13 

Go through an obstacle course, collect rings from the water, and toss the rings around pegs.


A helicopter ride, pizza lunch on a boat and a swim with whale sharks.


Michael wins and picks Lisa and Malcolm to join him on the Reward. Probst jokes that the last time Michael left the game in a helicopter it was not a good day for Michael. Michael laughs. Abi is miffed. “I guess my vote doesn’t mean much,” she says.

Winners: Malcolm, Lisa and Michael.


Dangrayne Tribe – Day 34

Abi prattles on and on about being the swing vote and having the Hidden Immunity Idol. Denise wants to poke her eyes and ears out with a sharp stick but is finding the patience to tolerate Abi until the others get back.

Reward Happenings– Day 34

Malcolm, Michael and Lisa eat and eventually dive into the water to touch and swim with the gentle whale sharks. Michael ends up head-butting one. Malcolm makes a final three deal with Michael and Lisa. Lisa is keeping her options open.

Dangrayne Tribe – Day 36

Denise wakes up not feeling great. Her neck is aching and she cannot move her arm very well. She is in pain and think something bit her. Michael and Lisa lays hands on and pray that Denise feels better. Abi admits she feels sorry for Denise but heading into an Immunity Challenge, she is also relieved to some extent.

Immunity Challenge


Another obstacle course to retrieve pieces of a puzzle. Once the puzzle is constructed, the players must roll their balls through them.


Immunity from the Tribal Council vote.

Winner: Malcolm.


Dangrayne Tribe – Pre-Tribal Council Happenings

 Abi Michael 

Abi meets with Michael. She offers a final three deal with him and Lisa. She thinks nobody will vote for her. They should team up and boot Denise. Lisa and Michael ponder the offer.

Tribal Council

Abi once again professes to be the best choice to take to the jury. She calls Denise arrogant and Michael an idiot and a moron.

When Probst asks if anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol to present it, Abi and Malcolm remain silent and still.

Final Voting

Denise: Abi-Maria.

Abi-Maria: Denise.

Lisa: Abi-Maria.

Malcolm: Abi-Maria.

Michael: Abi-Maria.

Tribal Council Victim: Abi-Maria Gomes.


Powell's Thoughts 

Thanks for another wonderful season, everyone. Check back on Sunday morning for our finale picks where we will predict the finishing order and the jury votes. See you then.