Episode 12: Family Affair

Dec 06 2012, 12:00 AM by John Powell


By John Powell - GlobalTV.com 


I have to agree with Denise. It is not a cultural misunderstanding when it comes to Abi-Maria not getting along with everyone on the Dangrayne Tribe. It is her conceited personality and how she looks down upon everyone.

Love her or hate her, the villain of Survivor Philippines has lived to outwit, outplay and outlast another day. Abi’s ruse about having a Hidden Immunity Idol let her slip right through another Tribal Council vote.

Now that Abi’s gig is up, she doesn’t have many options left. She either has to sway the Tribal Politics, which is doubtful at this point in the game, or win Immunity. If not, she is destined to go home next week.

In spite of his pleas that he deserved to stay over Abi, Carter Williams, the 24-year-old track coach took the Walk of Shame. Barely visible on the series except when it came to his strong performances during the challenges, Carter like Abi had no alliance to support him. It was just a matter of time.

Dangrayne Tribe – Night 30

Abi has just realized that Lisa, Michael, Malcolm and Denise are in an alliance together. Welcome to the game, Abi.

Abi sits alone with Carter and continues to pretend she has a Hidden Immunity Idol.

As they sit around the camp fire, Denise commends Lisa for sticking to her guns at Tribal Council.

 Abi Argue 

Reward Challenge


The Survivors are paired with their loved ones. They toss muddy balls at their family members and in turn they try to knock down pegs.


The loved one gets to spend a the rest of the day and night at camp.


Probst allows winner Malcolm to select two other players to bring their loved ones to camp. Lisa is with her brother. Abi, her mother, Malcolm, his brother, Michael, his son, Carter, his mom and Denise, her husband.

Winners: Malcolm, Lisa and Michael.


Dangrayne Tribe – Day 32

Malcolm tells us he picked Michael and Lisa to reward them for being in an alliance with himself and Denise.

Lisa has a heart-to-heart chat with her brother. “I have made a ton of mistakes in this game,” she admits. Her brother believes it is his job to remind her that Survivor is a game. Lisa decides her bro is right. Maybe it is time to put feelings aside and blindside Malcolm.

Lisa, Michael pray on the beach. Michael is down with the idea of voting out Malcolm.

Immunity Challenge


Water obstacle course, use hooks to snag bags in the water, back on shore build a pole to knock over a target.


Immunity from the Tribal Council vote.

Winner: Malcolm.


Dangrayne Tribe – Pre-Tribal Council Happenings


Malcolm feels so relaxed. Since he has the Hidden Immunity Idol, he will definitely make the final four.

Lisa chats with Michael. She believes God wanted Malcolm to stay in the game. They discuss whether to boot Abi or Carter.

Malcolm and Michael talk about the same thing at the water hole. Carter stumbles into the conversation. He asks that they respect his game and keep him over Abi.

Abi has it out with Lisa in front of everyone again. Denise’s assessment of Abi? It is not a cultural clash. Abi has a terrible personality.

”If she goes home, it is because she is a bitch,” says Malcolm.

Tribal Council

Carter plays the respect card. Michael doesn’t want to vote off Carter. It would be like booting his own son.

When Probst asks if anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol to present it, Abi remains silent and still.

Final Voting

Carter: Abi.

Denise: Carter.

Abi-Maria: Carter.

Lisa: Carter.

Malcolm: Carter.

Michael: Carter.

Tribal Council Victim: Carter Williams.


On the next 'Survivor'

Abi tries to work her magic on Lisa.

Powell's Thoughts 

It is so frustrating to watch Lisa play. In my mind, it would have been a stupid move to turn on Malcolm and Denise. She needs to think of the jury vote and remain loyal to the alliance that has placed their trust in her.

The next edition of Survivor could be another Fans Versus Favourites edition and one of the final five on Philippines might be returning.

It is also rumoured that to film the next season, the production crew didn’t have to go too far. They shot in Caramoan. Caramoan has been a favorite site for international franchises of Survivor. The Serbian, Israeli, Bulgarian, Swedish, French, Indian versions of the series have all been filmed there.