Meet The Bloggers

Karen Wilkinson is the manager of and is holding out hope for a (series-based) Friday Night Lights movie despite having almost no knowledge of, or interest in, football. She has watched every season of Survivor, and sometimes wishes she lived in South America.

Lori Harito is a web producer for She began blogging four years ago when, as a lowly intern for Global, she revealed her addiction to all things Big Brother. Since then, she’s written The Confession Room blog and covered the last three finales live from LA.  Lori also contributes to Blogal and heads The Soap Bubble blog. When she’s not blogging, you can find her shopping at organic stores for weird food or obsessing over a certain British male pop band.

Chandra Price is Managing Editor of (a part of and her guilty pleasure is Slice’s Real Housewives of Vancouver. She is a lover of everything celebrity-related and fittingly blogs for She has also on occasion contributed to live blogs on as well as the Glee and Big Brother show sites.

Shelagh Reece is the Head of Online Projects in the Project Management Office at Shaw Digital Media and is a contributor to The Glee Club blog on Her knowledge of pop culture, as well as her ability to sing the entire musical score of Les Misérables, has enabled her to be a highly-qualified Gleek. Shelagh often goes under the name of she-ra in the blogosphere, her favourite ‘80s cartoon hero, and she really really loves cheese.

Hayley Farb is a freelance blogger for and writes for the Soap Bubble Blog. She’s a recent graduate with two degrees in Public Relations.  Hayley is addicted and fascinated with soap operas. Glued to the television screen daily, she’s grown up watching the actors she now interviews monthly. When she’s not blogging for, she’s putting her PR skills to good use and schmoozing with the best of them!

John Powell is a freelance reality show reporter for having covered Big Brother and Survivor since their inception. A veteran news, entertainment journalist for more than 14 years, John’s work has been published by many prominent newspapers, magazines and websites. Currently, he is a full-time business journalist and web editor. Video gaming, reality shows, horror movies, cooking, pro-wrestling and being a dad are what makes his life complete.

Earl Dittman has been an entertainment journalist for over 25 years, and has written for close to a hundred national and international magazines, newspapers and websites. Beginning his career as a music journalist, Earl has also been covering the Hollywood beat for the past 17 years, talking with some of Tinsel Town's biggest stars of both television and film. If you are looking for the latest news about anyone or anything from the world of entertainment, just ask Earl.