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    Played by John Roberts

    John Roberts is the voice of Linda, who supports her husband Bob's dream through thick and thin (but truth be told, she's getting a little sick of the thin).

    Roberts has been wowing audiences with his live performance skills and original character work across the country and on television.

    He quickly gained attention with his first viral video, "The Christmas Tree," which was nominated for a Broadband Emmy Award. The follow-up, "Jackie & Debra," was honored by The Comedy Smalls, and both videos have generated more than 10 million hits online.

    In April 2009, Roberts debuted his one-man show, "Jersey Days." He recently toured with Margaret Cho, and hosts a monthly show at Comix in New York City. He can also be seen playing Jimmy Fallon's mom on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

    Roberts currently lives in New York.

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