Interview: Laura Allen and Dylan Minnette

Mar 14 2012, 11:42 AM by Christine Montgomery

Dylan Minnette and Laura Allen are huge fans of Awake . The pair may play the emotional crux within detective Michael Britten's two separate realities in the show, but the suspense and surprises woven into each episode have Minnette and Allen just as captivated by the new series as all the rest of us watching. Neither Minnette or Allen have been told what to expect from the series beyond the scripts they're given, and listening to the pair's excitement bounce off each other about the mysteries of AWAKE, you get the impression they like it that way. Minnette and Allen recently took the time to answer some questions about what episodes they're excited for this season, Jason Isaac's on set antics, and what it is about this new television series that makes them feel as if they're ready to join an AWAKE fan club.

Laura Allen, L and Dylan Minnette, R 

Have you had the opportunity to work on any scenes together this season? Are we going to see flashbacks of your life as a family before the accident, or maybe something happens were Britten's two realities start bleeding together?  

LAURA ALLEN: We were pleasantly surprised by the end of the season that we do get to work together a little bit. That’s all I can say.

Is it an extra challenge for you both as actors to know that there's always another reality in the show which contradicts your own characters reality? Do you try to avoid knowing what's going on in Michael Britten's other world?  

DYLAN MINETTE: ... what a great, serious actor would do [is] just read their [own world]. But I’m such a big fan of the show and the story that I wait by the door for the next script to get there, so there’s no way I’m not going to read the whole thing.

LAURA ALLEN: I do kind of deny that [Rex is alive in another] reality in my own acting. I feel like I have to completely believe in what Hannah believes in, and so I don’t take into account that [in Britten's other world Rex is] in school, and taking tennis lessons, and the whole bit. I really just play it like he was upside down in that car and he’s dead, and Michael and I have to move forward from here.

As fans of the show, since you are both watching it as it airs, what's your takes on the individual psychologists and their different methods? 

DYLAN MINNETTE: I think honestly one of my favorite themes in the pilot was when Dr. Lee made a good point about why reality is real and Dr. Evans had him read a page from the Constitution. And then he wakes up without the rubber band and he freaks out. Every time I watch that I get the chills, I think that's so cool how much a little thing one of them says will affect him.

LAURA ALLEN: In the original script Dr. Lee had a retort to that also. He said, "Look there is so much that your mind can contain that you don't even realize that you might have the whole Constitution memorized but you don't know it, it's all in your subconscious. So how do you know that you don't have it word for word verbatim?" I love that.

DYLAN MINNETTE: Right... they can just throw things back at each other that makes one seem real the other - it's just like this giant game that they play.

Can you talk a bit about acting alongside Jason Isaacs on the show? 

DYLAN MINNETTE: Jason is he's amazing. He's an incredible actor and especially as a young guy, just learning from such a great older male actor like that every day is really amazing and Jason can give me some great tips and I learned so much from him.

We meet him in the pilot when this [new double reality] relatively fresh. He's like "okay well this seems to be working for me". Well, it doesn't continue to work that well or that easily for him, and hopefully that makes for an enjoyable hour's viewing. I mean, it's been very enjoyable living through his nightmare, I can tell you that much from my point of view.

And also he's just a really fun and funny guy. And no matter where he is he always has his iPod dock with him and he's always wearing his iPod and every day at work he can get the whole crew to just sing along to some 80s tunes and he just keeps the whole - there's stressful days where people are scrambling to get things done, Jason always knows how to set the mood right. He's just really fun to have around.

LAURA ALLEN: He is and he's tireless. I mean, he goes from, I don't know, 5 am to at least 11 o'clock at night and he's rewriting with us along the way. He never gets stuck in, he never phones it in ever, and he's got the full range. I mean, with me he has to do some really sensitive scenes... But then he's got all this stunt work that I never get to see but I'm sure he's like crashing over walls and driving the car, and then he gets to sit in the therapist's office and use existential conversations.

Is there anything that you're waiting for the fans to see that you can talk about without giving anything away?  

LAURA ALLEN: I'm excited for the penguin episode! It's an episode called That's not my Penguin introduces a whole new color to [Michael's] dreaming.

DYLAN MINNETTE: That episode is one I'm really particularly excited for. There's multiple episodes that I'm really particularly excited for everybody to see, but that's the first one that I'm like, "Oh my God, I just want people to see this one now." That one's really cool. And then towards the end of the season there's things that get brought up left and right that I can't wait for everyone to see. I wish they could do a marathon where they just aired it all now.

...My voice cracked.

LAURA ALLEN: That's expected.

By: Christine Montgomery



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