Interview: Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan

Mar 20 2012, 02:00 PM by Christine Montgomery

The wait is almost over for Bones fans anxious to see how the much anticipated Booth + Brennan = Baby storyline that suddenly came into fruition will unfold. Ebbing and flowing with Emily Deschanel's real life pregnancy, this season was cut short and only five episodes remain, so expect the upcoming episodes to be a little bit more stylized and standalone than is usual in Bones. Executive Producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan recently answered some questions about what directions the upcoming mini-season will be taking, if baby will soften Brennan, and how Bones cross-pollinates with Hart Hanson's new series The Finder.

Bones returns Monday, April 2nd  

Can you talk about the decision to reveal Temperance Brennan’s pregnancy before you revealed that Seeley and Brennan were lovers? 

HANSON: We always knew that the end season six would be the reveal that Booth and Brennan had slept together. We knew that they were going to sleep together. What changed everything was when Emily confided in us that she was pregnant, and we decided to adjust the storyline for season seven accordingly. So season seven would have been the story of how Booth and Brennan come to grips with the fact that they are now intimate and sexually involved. We threw out probably a half a season there, perhaps more and inserted that they were going to have a child.

So really the only thing that changed in season six was the very last scene where she turns to Booth and says, “I’m pregnant and you’re the father.” That scene, of course, would not have existed. Otherwise mostly that season would have been intact as it was. What we have to do now is show the romance in a couple that’s been together and has a child. What America is going to miss is the unfolding courtship of Booth and Brennan and we could not be happier to avoid that.

The arrival of the baby has to change Brennan in some ways. Can you address that a little bit?  

HANSON: We’ve always seen Brennan as a character who because of her upbringing was kind of afraid of life, did not want to engage with life, or had to be protected by a veneer of rationality and logic and science. The first thing to come and challenge to breech those walls was Booth who made her confront, lead a more dangerous life, at least emotionally in that her happiness is contingent upon another person’s happiness. And now she has a child, and you might be able to avoid a lover as someone whose happiness, your happiness is contingent upon, but definitely not a child. So that’s what she is contending with, she is now a big open bruise because of another human being and she will find that very disorienting.

Will the FBI become an obstacle for Booth and Brennan at work, especially now that they’re going to have the baby, and they’re living together, and all that? 

NATHAN: No, I think the most important thing for us is to keep the show on the same footing it’s been for seven years, which is this is a murder show, and Booth and Brennan are always going to be working together to solve these murders. So we don’t ever intend to take that away. That’s not to say that it won’t be incredibly difficult for them, but it won’t be because of any bureaucratic nonsense that it will make it difficult. It’ll just be them working together, the difficulties they have working together as they always have.

Can you talk a bit about what storylines Camille Saroyan has coming up?  

NATHAN: She’s been very heavily involved this season in the lab with our people kind of as the boss. She’s sort of taken that role, that role has been expanded a bit, so you’ll see that in subsequent episodes. We have a lot planned for Cam personally [but] our hands were a little bit tied this year because of the five fewer episodes, we weren’t able to give some of the other characters that we love, Hodgins (Jack Hodgins, portrayed by T.J. Thyne) and Cam, more extensive arcs. We will be doing that if we get picked up.

Hart Hanson, you have a new show, The Finder. Did the cast of Bones feel concerned that your attention would not be 100% focused on the original show?  

HANSON: Bones is a pretty tight theatre company. We’re a pretty tight bunch. We’ve been together a long time, and there was concern, but it was of that nature. I don’t think they thought the show was going to fall apart. Stephen Nathan has been here since the first episode, and it’s not like if I died, the show wouldn't go on. There might be more jokes in it and more references to bagels, but otherwise, Stephen is perfectly capable.

John Francis Daley and TJ Thyne have been guest stars on The Finder. Can you talk a bit about the relationship Bones shares with The Finder 

HANSON: Bones shut down for a period of time and wasn’t shooting. It was during that time that we could use Bones actors on The Finder, so we figured out very quickly, John was the first one, because the story of having someone down to look at Walter’s mental competency was a good storyline for us and a really natural fit. And then the next story that suggested TJ was a conspiracy theorist story.

If it had been another kind of story, then we would have brought down Cam (character Dr. Camille Saroyan played by Tamara Talor) or Angela (character Angela Montenegro played by Michaela Conlin). Of course, Emily (Deschanel )couldn’t be in it because she was busy having a baby. David (Boreanaz), we could have had him in an episode, but he very much wanted to direct an episode, so that’s when he directed was during that downtime. I hope, I’m knocking on wood, we have an uphill climb, but if The Finder comes back, then eventually everybody will be on it. 



Bones returns Monday, April 2 at 8.00 et/pt.


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