The Glee Project Contender Maxfield

Jun 08 2012, 05:30 PM by Ehsan Motamedi


On the premiere of The Glee Project Season Two, the 14 contenders put their individual talents to the test, but in the end it was country crooner Maxfield who was sent packing.  Not a big surprise to some critics, who point to the Nashville native’s lack of singing experience. And while the judges were wooed by his charm and deep, soulful voice, it wasn’t enough to earn him a spot on the show’s call-back list. We caught up the 22-year-old to chat about his performance on the show, what type of character he hoped to play on Glee, and his thoughts about The Glee Project’s other cast members.


How hard was it for you to be country in a competition filled with more contemporary music?
I guess you always stay true to your roots and true to yourself. When I'm singing those songs that are so far left especially when it's Top 40 stuff - it wasn't that difficult I guess once you finally got into it.


The comment was made that you were maybe a little too laid back. Do you feel like you could have amped it up a little?
Yeah, looking back on it, you know, it was the first episode. A lot of us didn't really know what we were getting into and to be put into such a different world than I'm used to… I guess I was a lot more laid back than everyone else and could have probably amped it up some.


Show mentor Robert Ulrich made the comment that you seemed lost during the group number. How did you really feel during that performance?
It was very different and so I was kind of lost…  But then I guess it took me a while to realize that I'm having fun and have that translate (through) my facial expressions and my emotions on stage.  And yeah, I think by the end of it I finally found my comfort zone and fell into it pretty good.


How has this experience changed you as a performer?
You know, it really opened up my eyes to so many different ways that you can perform… and especially (with) not doing theatre before and now being in that world - I wouldn't change the experience for anything.  And I'm so grateful for it.  It really opened up my eyes and I feel like it seasoned me a lot quicker…as a performer.


What sort of character do you think you would have played had you made it onto Glee?
I could have easily seen me in a cowboy (role)…on a horse and all that stuff…. I feel like I would have brought a completely different edge and a completely different vibe to Glee that hasn't been seen before with country music.


How did you get along with the other cast members?
We all grew really close very fast. (The end of the episode) when I ended up leaving was tough.  I think that was the toughest part - to leave all these amazing people I just became such good friends with.


Do you have any projections about who might make it down to the final three?
Man, I don't know…. I guess it's up in the air.  Everyone is so talented in their own way and so unique in their own way that they all have something completely different to offer so it's going to be interesting.  I'm excited to (see).

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