Pics Of The Season: Touch

Jun 01 2012, 04:00 PM by Christine Montgomery

Friday at 8.00 et/pt, the first season of Touch comes to a close in a gripping two-part finale. To prepare you for the pull at your heartstrings we're highlighting a few of the most inspiring moments that have happened this season of Touch.



Connected - Your Stories 

Paige Jenkins 'Military Family' for the Global Touch Campaign 

Before the premiere of Touch, we launched a campaign reaching out to people across the country to send us their stories about what makes them feel connected. Here is a photo Paige Peavoy Jenkins sent us accompanying her story about growing up in a military family.




Episode 1 - Tales Of The Red Thread 

Touch - Tales Of The Red Thread 

"These patterns never lie but only some of us can see how the pieces fit together."
- Jake in Tales Of The Red Thread 



Episode 3 - Safety In Numbers 

Touch - Safety In Numbers 

"Those numbers point to a disorder in the universe."
- Clea in Safety In Numbers 



Episode 9 - Music Of The Spheres 

Touch - Music Of The Spheres 

"For some, music elevates the spirit to a place of transcendent beauty."
- Jake in Music Of The Spheres. Watch this episode online now.



Season Finale - Gyre Part 1 & 2 
Friday at 8.00 et/pt, Maria Bellow (pictured) guest stars as Lucy 

Touch - Gyre Part 1 and 2 

"There is no perfection in this world. In the next maybe. We adapt. We grow."
- Avram in Gyre. Watch a preview of this episode online now.




Watch the two-hour season finale Touch Friday at 8.00 et/pt.


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